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  1. Yep, Apeldoorn, goed geraden :-) Kom ik niet vandaan, maar affinity photo en designer hebben/hadden moeite met deze svg, vandaar deze keuze om Publisher te testen :-)
  2. Hello, See the attached screenshot. I opened an svg file of a flag. The image matches how Microsoft Edge is displaying the svg but the thumbnail in the Pages tab does not match the document. It is somehow truncated? Kind regards, Marcel
  3. Hello, See the attached screenshot. I maximized the application window on my laptop and then the text in the status bar at the bottom is not visible: It looks like the bottom half of the status bar is displayed outside my screen? Kind regards, Marcel
  4. Hello, I was excited to read that Affinity Publisher beta became available. I immediately downloaded the beta to try it out and when I started the application my first issue immediately appears ;-) My screen settings are 1920x1080 with a DPI setting of 175% otherwise the fonts are far too small for almost all applications. With these settings the New Document dialog is too big vertically so that the buttons are not visible! Please rearrange the dialog controls or add a scroll bar somehow. See the attached screenshot. Maybe this issue also applies to other dialogs? Kind regards, Marcel
  5. I downloaded the country flag of the united kingdom from wikipedia as a svg file, opened this file in affinity photo and got the wrong results as shown in the attached screenshot. I also attached the svg file. Flag_svg.svg