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  1. WordHammer

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Thankyou! Now I feel complete
  2. WordHammer

    Font problem - Designer and Publisher

    I also have a font problem and a set of customerĀ“s fonts (Interstate Bold, Bold Condensed, Black, Light and Regular). In APub I can only see Light, Light, Light and Bold Condensed, Bold Condensed. Is there going to be a fix from Affinity or should I do something to these not-working-properly-fonts? I'm working with Win 7.
  3. Same problem here, also Windows 7 - 64 bit. EDIT: I tried to install the previous version instead, and it failed. Now I do not have any working version of APub EDIT2: Removing the program and re-installing the .162 was successful.
  4. I also have Win 7 and the upgrading went through without any problems.
  5. Thanks! After installing finnish, I tried to check the Use auto hyphenation -box, but it made APub crash every time.
  6. Hello there you all good people of Serif/Affinity. With Photoshop I was used to adjust levels by one RGB channel at a time. Now with Photo, I tried to do the same: When I open the red channel and start to adjust black level to the start of the curve, it changes the channel to Master again. Is it supposed to do so or is it a bug? My version is and I'm working with Win 7.