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  1. angelsarchive

    [Affinity Designer] Slow pen/Brush Vector tool

    thanks Chris, I'll give it a try. here's the latency i'm facing right now.
  2. Not sure if my computer is bad or maybe my program is corrupted. the vector brush works great but only after doing the first stroke. doing multiple little lines also seems to take a really long time. the pencil tool cuts off. if there's any fixes or advice to make my program run good as new it'd be greatly appreciated. New to these forums so, any help would be amazing. Using a Gen. 1 Cintiq Companion on high performance battery.
  3. A lot of art programs like Paint Tool Sai/ Clip Studio use the shortcut combo "CTRL + ALT" and a drag to change your brush size quick and easily. I'm not sure how hard this will be to implement into Photo/Designer; but it would be a really great feature for people looking to freelance with the brush/pen tool and with tools like the Selection brush tool.