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  1. Hi, Here attached a file with 2 simple objects. I put them into 2 separate slices with PDF (for export) presets. However, when I export the selected slices, it exports the whole artboard instead of the slice area... This problem only exists in PDF export. Can any body help? thanks, Kelvin test.afdesign
  2. Yes MEB, I suspect its a bug too. Btw, your work-around does the trick. Thanks :)
  3. Hi Dave, Masking with sub layer is what I intended to do. The problem is that the sub layer CANNOT be selected while holding the shift key. It will un-select itself after clicking on it. The video below shows the behaviour that I am talking about. thanks
  4. Hi MEB, The problem is that the sub layer cannot be selected while the main object is selected. Please try to draw a square INSIDE a circle, and see if you can select both objects at once. thanks.
  5. Say if I draw a square inside a circle. The square will become a sub layer of the circle. If I select the circle and change its stroke properties, the square sub layer will not be affected. I even cannot select the square sub layer while the circle layer is selected. In many cases I need to adjust the stroke properties of a layer including its sub layers. Now I have to do it separately. Is it possible to adjust the properties of all layers in one go? thanks.

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