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  1. Using the selection tool: CTRL + click and drag
  2. recrop

    On the new document you can use the "rectangular marque tool" to make the selection wanted , than invert de selection an hit delete
  3. Okay, you're using Designer, I've missed that. Maybe to avoid misunderstandings it would be clearer to use [AD] to start the title with
  4. Something like this ? A rasterized text layer on top of the texture with the blend mode set to "Overlay"
  5. Don"t know exactly what you mean .. cut-out or text overlay !!
  6. Via Edit > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts you can create your own keyboard shortcuts
  7. Layer > New Adjustment layer > Channel Mixer Adjustment would be a good option or , for certain parts of the image using a selection, Layer > New Adjustment layer > Recolour Adjustment https://vimeo.com/178437760
  8. CTRL + click on the text thumbnail
  9. OK thanks JFisher
  10. Layers (rasterized) containing text , images, etc Is this possible ?
  11. When opening your file I experience the same behavior! Also after rasterizing the image The current color format is CMYKA/8 - U.S. Web Coated (SWOP)v2 !! Did you assign this? Have you made any other adjustments? If I export to JPG and reopen the problem does not occur anymore !! Perhaps it would be better to provide a link of the original image.
  12. Affinity Photo & beta Works correct for me ..
  13. Download time 35 sec Startup 37 sec - load JPG (10 MB) 10 sec - load RAW-CR2 (18 MB) 55 sec
  14. Maybe just draw a horizontal (brush) line on a new layer .. Click on top of the oblique line (left) , hold shift and click on top of the oblique line (right) to draw a straight line.
  15. That is clearly an excellent device. No wonder the performance is more prestigious. However, in PS and with my current PC system, performance was remarkably better than AP. But that's a well known fact. I'll keep waiting for a while for AP to optimize memory management on Windows 10.