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  1. Same as the beta version perhaps ? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/34-photo-beta-on-windows/
  2. Great tip toltec Many thanks
  3. Above on the right click on "Follow"
  4. I did change the shorcuts (azerty keyb) as follow
  5. Comprehensive and structured set of videos for accelerated learning! Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials (200+)
  6. The cancel button doesn't seems to work too on my Windows 10 Report it as a possible bug ??
  7. Maybe you could use the opposite color and lower / increase the opacity of the brush and slowly erase the areas where needed ?
  8. Sorry ... View Tool (H) and than CTRL + Z
  9. View Tool (H) CTRL + Z !!
  10. Using Document > Resize Canvas ... See attached video 2017-11-19_10-44-14.mov
  11. Thanks John for you reply The original photo can be found in attachment. To explain the entire editing process in a textual way would take too much time. All the more because I have to translate everything from Dutch. A screen capture video would be an option. Maybe I'll give it a try. You are right, I also noticed this afterwards. I adapted this using an extra layer (blend mode "Darken") on top and cloning parts oft he sky (see full size). This are indeed tidal dykes. More info via this link : http://www.zwin.be/en
  12. That's why photography is such a inspiring Hobby. Also on Google+ : See the link below
  13. Great job
  14. Works fine on Windows 10 Didn't you accidentally unchecked or reset the settings ?
  15. Gladly done @Geopence and with a friendly pat on the shoulder for Toltec for his input