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    Thanks for the updates. Still unable to install directly over the previous version on a single try without rebooting, though. Windows 10 (1803), updating Publisher from beta .162.
    Logs are attached for three installation attempts. You'll note that the failures seem to be permission-related...but the failure and success both happen while logged in as the same user, with the same UAC popup approval given. So my best guess is that there's some issue with a lock on the folder involved (or a file in it) that's still active at the point that the uninstaller or installer is trying to delete or modify the item in question.
    Attempt 1: After running Publisher to check whether I had the latest version, exited, downloaded the newest, and ran the installer. Installation failed.
    Attempt 2: Tried again immediately. Installation failed.
    Attempt 3: Rebooted, logged back in as the same user. Ran the same installer. Installed successfully, and launches successfully.
    Publisher .167 install logs.zip