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  1. Export Persona and Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S have different results. Export Persona A white frame forms around the edges of the picture. If the same file is saved via Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S then everything is fine. At the same time, neither the file size nor its position is indicated in pixels (the numbers are integer, not fractional). Placed two files saved in jpeg. Left saved via Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S right via Export Persona. The program has the ability to save files as a group, but as a result, you have to do it manually one at a time
  2. In this case, the brush fill is reset even when you select another brush from the set.
  3. First - Switching layers should not restore the fill to white—when I paint, it isn't white either so this is a clear UI bug. I think this might be logged but I'm not sure. Second - Resetting the fills was added in 1.7 and the shortcut should be 'D' however, this was not implemented on Windows (omission) and is already logged. I'll give it a kick Third bug - The mix brush doesn’t work if the shift is held down if there is no fill. I can’t draw a straight line with an empty mix with a brush. I'd like to tame the mix brush. She is like a arrogant horse, trying to throw off a rider. I hope it will be pacified and it will work as it should 🙂 This is one of the most popular tools for retouching after the healing brush.
  4. It seems that the problem is really only ours. All previous updates were installed without problems.
  5. I downloaded the installation package for AP and AD. The problem was in both cases. The AP package was downloaded again. The error is repeated. I can see the certificate information.
  6. I thought about it. Even downloaded repeatedly. The installation of AP and AD failed.
  7. Documents are downloaded in several streams and appear in the order of loading. Sort in the download order correctly when adding one file at a time. When a group loads, you need to sort by either numbers or letters. I upload 10 files. They have different processing time priorities. Random loading confuses and complicates the workflow. This is wrong for a professional tool. A professional tool should optimize the process and not vice versa.
  8. Thanks! Another question arose. Why is the file order chaotic? If you drop the files at once into the program, then it re-rolls them. I would like her to sort them by name during group loading.
  9. На сколько я понял, это признано ошибкой интерфейса. Когда нужно обработать 1 документ в день - это не проблема, когда 100 в день то это уже другая картина. В фотошопе это давно реализовано и работает.
  10. " Но если я делаю сброс до прочерков, как у тебя - он заменяется как и в обычной кисти на два белых кружка. " - в этом проблема. По задумке они не сбрасываются.
  11. Это микс кисть. Пустая кисть рисует. Точнее смешивает текушие цвета не накапливая их на себе. Эта функция есть и в PS и в AP. Выбранный мною цвет/отсутствие его, должно сохраняться при смене слоя, а не сбрасываться на настойку по умолчанию.
  12. Уточню. Цвет заливки и цвет контура - это переустановки инструмента, а не слоя.
  13. Две проблемы. 1. D не сбрасывают настройки кисти, как это уже реализовано на мак. 2. При переходе со слоя на слой, сбрасываются настройки цвета кисти в случае если выбракована пустая заливка. Two problems. 1. D do not reset the brush settings, as it is already implemented on the poppy. 2. When switching from layer to layer, the brush color settings are reset if the empty fill is rejected.
  14. This is how the brush that we have now in the program would look like in real life. It is very difficult to draw several lines from one point. With a large brush diameter, the cursor preview overlaps the drawing. This makes it difficult to accurately position the brush when drawing. The topic was similar, but it has already gone into the archive.
  15. I work in one color space (sRGB). The icm profiles in the system are added for the printer under various papers. When creating a new document, it is necessary to check whether it has changed to any other.
  16. Yes. That’s how it works. But at some point, a profile appears again with which I do not work. I have been facing this problem for more than six months (maybe more). The problem is not systematic, but is repeated often enough.
  17. This is the printer profile for printing. It is never used as a working paper profile. The program randomly selects a work profile. I work only in sRGB.
  18. The default setting. The color profile when creating the document does not match the one specified in the program settings. The problem is relevant for AP, AD APub (not tested). The problem is not systematic. Sometimes a profile is selected correctly, sometimes not. Could not reveal patterns.
  19. Most often, an error occurs when applying a frequency decomposition filter to a layer with a lock.
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