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  1. If there are 4 files in the source folder





    There will be 2 files in the folder with ready files.



    The problem is that when converting

    1.bmp = 1.jpg

    1.jpg = 1.jpg

    1.heic = 1.jpg

    and they overwrite each other.

    It would be logical if the program assigned new names according to the type 1 (1).jpg 1 (2).jpg 1 (2).jpg.


    Well, a wish. If I want to run 10 processes one after the other with the same settings, then I don't want the window to close at the end of the process. Processed one folder, deleted files from batch conn, uploaded the following ones. Now for each folder you have to repeat all the settings again, which takes a lot of time.

  2. 9 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Questions like that won't have any meaningful answers. If you want a function, you can post a Feature Request or (better) agree with an existing one.

    But only Serif knows what they're planning for the future, and they won't say.

    Yes, I agree, it was necessary to place in the functional requests. I have a solution to get the result I need. But it seems to me that this functionality would be useful to many users. It's nice when you, having professional software, solve your problems without resorting to third-party programs.

  3. 3 hours ago, David in Яuislip said:

    Assume that it will never happen and make your own arrangement. If it does it will be a bonus and you can forget the following.
    I use ImageWorsener from
    with a bat file.
    Create a folder with the bat file and imagew.exe so there are no path issues; lazy but it works
    Highlight your source files, I use 100% quality jpegs, and drag/drop onto the bat file
    I attach a sample bat file, it can be edited so that the original files are deleted
    If you don't use Windows then my comments are worthless, hint - always mention your operating system. Good luck



    60quality_NoResize_webp.bat 191 B · 0 downloads

    I am using Gimp and the Bimp plugin.

    It turns out a batch processing manager, with the ability to resize and do a lot more. Quite a working option. But you have to create an intermediate high quality png or jpeg file. It would be nice to have this out of the box. There are a lot of people involved in websites now, and to be able to get good quality files with low weight ... this is a good thing.

  4. 40 minutes ago, Chris B said:

    Hi all,

    I just want to clarify that this was raised a few years ago and was closed as by design by the developers because they did not want to add a border around the canvas. You can use the UI settings in Preferences to define the canvas—there's no need to go pure white for the background on which the white canvas sits. There is even a notch on the slider which insinuates where you will start to lose the contrast between the canvas and background levels.

    This is not a bug but a user preference and improvement. I do not think this will change. I am sorry to dissapoint. 

    In the gimp, this setting is enabled optionally. I am really surprised by the issues of usability sometimes. As a rule, for the better. But some decisions are painful. At the same time, the absence of a function does not carry any useful meaning. For me, the very fact that during the workflow the user should be distracted from it and reconfigure the program ... well, this is a fail. If there were such downtime in the development of those processes at the enterprise, then the engineer developing those processes ... was asked why he wastes the time / money of the enterprise on useless actions. I have such a profession by education. The user performs 10,000 operations per day, each of them for 10 seconds, and if you add +1 operation (5 seconds) to each of the 10 operations, then the cost will increase greatly. When developing a technical process, the task is to remove unnecessary operations, reduce the number of actions. This results in lower costs and time savings. Professional software should solve the same problems. Most of my comments on the forum are aimed at improving usability. These are not formally errors. But such things distract the user from the workflow. This is not professional, although not critical. I share my time in the hope that the program will work out of the box as the user expects, without additional settings. This applies not only to this topic.

  5. Crop tool does not remember settings.


    If the settings are not saved, what is the point of collapsing the groups? It is objectively longer. Scrolling is faster.




    If I minimize something that I use less often, then I expect the program to remember it.

    3. Even the default preset names are not included in the list. Why make such a small width? What to add scrolling?

    The same question for the preset manager. The place is full. Why such a small window?


    To get to the dropdown menu, I have to play with the scrolling. There are two steps. It could have been done in one action.


    The user again wastes time on actions that do not make sense ☹️. It's like stones spread out on the floor of a house, over which it is easy to jump over or go around, and in general, this is not a problem. But why lay stones on the floor? You can not lay them out. 


    Khaby Lame captures my mood very accurately.

    Без заголовка.png

  6. 6 hours ago, Komatös said:

    Who or what is stopping you from setting the margins to 0.1 or smaller? You already have your page border!

    I do not quite understand what you are talking about. Create a Boundary Layer?

    The user does not have to figure out how to solve the problem. There should be no problem. And here it is not necessary to invent anything, everything is already invented.

    photoshop 👍


    gimp 👍


    Affinity Photo ☹️

    The squid game has begun.
    This can be compared to a newly built palace, in which they forgot to make a door when designing.
    This is so obvious that it shouldn't be so. I understand that if there is no door, then you can enter through the window. But I still ask for a door that would be like everyone else's. I don't want to enter through the window, or like Santa Claus through the chimney.
  7. 5 hours ago, Chris B said:

    Thanks Alfred. I've now managed to track down the report so I can wake it up. Much appreciated :)



    Here's what I found. Due to my poor English, it was difficult to find. Perhaps I wrote about this sometime before.




    The problems are not only in two specific windows. There are similar problems in other windows as well. And I think that not only in Russian.
  8. 6 hours ago, MEB said:

    Hi @Max N,
    This has been working like this in Affinity Photo all those years - there wasn't complains (i think) because Affinity Photo mostly works with a single canvas and is used mostly for editing images - there aren't much cases where the canvas is fully white with just a few elements in the middle like could happen for example on artboards/page based apps like Designer where you do have a small black line around the canvas or artboards to easily identify them, so usually changing the background grey level for these cases is enough.

    [EDIT] Something's wrong/buggy in Designer with the clip to canvas function enabled and the canvas/artboard boundary line. Logging this to be looked at.

    In my experience, people prefer to work around a problem rather than solve it. It works in all spheres of life. It is inconvenient, but not so much that I would spend energy, write a post, take screenshots, record a video, and, if necessary, also send error reports or files causing problems. As a result, several desperate madmen write, pay attention, try to help somehow, the rest are just waiting or looking for workarounds (in Russia there is such a thing as a "crutch" in programming - it's like leaning a table without a leg against the wall, so that did not fall, instead of fixing the leg). In most graphics programs, the boundaries of the document are visible. This is fine. Inconveniences do not happen very often. This is not a critical error. But little things make a program better or worse overall. It's like an iPhone and an Android phone. On the one hand, both cope with their functions, both work, but one of them is an iPhone and the other is Android :) And in this case, these are not names, but names that are used by the user with a certain level of quality. I have been waiting for over a year for a brush with a putty fill to stop ignoring the held Shift. I cannot draw straight lines. And this is a real problem in the basic functionality. And it affects my workflow very much. I think I'm not the only one faced with this, but I'm the only one writing about this. This I mean that if they are silent, it does not mean that they are satisfied. I am ready to spend my time to create reports and argue my position. I hope to be of service to the project.

  9. 9 minutes ago, NotMyFault said:

    In my view this is a feature, not a bug.

    It might be unexpected at first sight, but

    1. there are advantages of this behavior: You can check how your image blends into this background color, at any zoom level.
    2. If undesired, there are multiple options to either change the background color, or add an rectangle with stroke (no fill) as top layer to simulate any kind of border you like.

    Affinity is full of unexpected features or UIs, this one doesn’t cause any relevant harm, and has very easy measures to circumvent.

    I’m not against adding an option to always render a frame as you suggested, as long as it’s off by default, and users have the choice to switch it on/off (globally and possibly per document).



    The ability to turn off document borders is a useful feature. The inability to see the boundaries of the document is already a problem. I understand that everything can be bypassed with crutches and tape, but I want to see the product workable and convenient out of the box. Therefore, I always try to find those things in which AP is inferior to its brethren.

    I want AP to be more convenient and better than Photoshop and other graphic editors. This is my purpose of staying on the forum.

  10. I already wrote about this problem once. The interface was translated, but the sizes of the text areas were left as for the English language. As a result, users of the program who use it in another language do not see the entire text. There are two windows on the screen where this problem occurs, but in fact it is the same throughout the program. When I start to show someone that they say AP is a replacement for PS. And in response I get, "What's this? Well, if there are such childish mistakes in the program, even in the interface ... Don't waste my time, this is a child's handicraft." The level of trust in the program among new users at the initial stage tends to zero. Such problems that the user faces immediately, when starting the program ... It is painful to look at it. I really like Affinity programs and I try to tell as many people as possible about them, but the simple problems that you face immediately after launching the program and that have not been fixed for years are scary. ☹️


  11. I have several questions and wishes.


    1. I would like to be able to delete unnecessary cropping presets (which are set by default). Also be able to restore them.


    2. Is this a mistake or so by design? I collapse groups of presets, for my convenience, so as not to scroll every time. But the next time you open the list of presets, they are all expanded again. The feeling that the program behaves like a mother who knows how her child will be better, and does not allow him to live the way he wants.

    3. Is it possible that when cropping there was a snap to the borders of the image (object) and not just to the key points?

    4. I would like, when rectifying, that re-framing would be automatically performed (optionally enabled).

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