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  1. Well my tremor seems to be going at least, maybe time to try something serious now I can draw again.
  2. Started painting again after a long layoff. My Wacom Intuos 3 large died after many years of service. Trying to get used to my new tablet a Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HUION-INSPIROY-Upgraded-Wireless-Battery-free/dp/B07G8SPXF5/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1541357979&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=huion+inspiroy+q11k+v2&psc=1 Seems more than up to the Wacom and very pleased, works well with AP. Sketch a bit rough but then I'm rusty.
  3. Err yes..for me. Both have different strengths. AP is a superb editor with great painting tools krita is a superb painter with great editing tools. Serif certainly deserve to keep and expand their client base so respectful diplomacy here.
  4. Hah! maybe I'm just too honest. It;s ok I'm the laid back sort it doesn't matter man.
  5. Hey if anyone objects I'll remove it. I sort of jumped between both so MOD gods you judge. Nice painting engine in Affinity though and great editing tools, it's up to you.
  6. Affinity photo and Krita. Personal work.
  7. Alright! Looks like Brian Ferry. Top job.
  8. Bashed out on Saturday. Hope someone likes this weak ass stuff it was fun to do. Note on brushes: when I originally bought AF I loaded a bunch of PS brushes into it.I admit I've never used any of them. Chimping with the defaults and the Daub brushes seems to get you anything from smoke to details. y
  9. Weekend fun character painting. Hope someone likes it. Really quite amazed at the versatility of the old classic smudge as a real painting tool.
  10. Finished this to a satisfactory level. Painted on a budget HP laptop that cost me £350. A3 processor and 8GB RAM. Hat's off to the developers. Link to WIP:
  11. Going quite well. What do you think? Personally I get on with the brush engine. Would like a colour picker, ( floating colour wheel) but never mind. Got about half way with this scene up to now.
  12. Very interesting thread and beautiful work by the way. I have been involved in threads where Affinity's brush engine has come under fire so it is nice to see an example of high quality work. I agree with the canvas flip and would like a Krita like set of tools on the buttons of my intuos stylus. Later release hopefully. As an aside for those who do not know human children are not nice. This is an apt design. I'd better edit this :) my partner has three, two twin girls who are ADHD. We work hard ... they call us names..such is life. x
  13. Rough layout usually around 1200 to 2000 pixels on the longest side, as the picture progresses I resize to whatever the system can handle, I tend to keep my layers down to no more than five. DPI is irrelevant without text.
  14. Mad photo bash that turned into an 80's rock album cover or something. Becoming happy painting in Affinity Photo.
  15. Bit of painting practice here on the laptop while cooking.
  16. Sorry, If you cannot paint in this you cannot paint. Look I learned to paint before computers existed. Paint or don't but don't complain about tools that are indistinguishable from magic for traditionally trained artists. Undo is a modern luxury taken for granted for example . You simply cannot go wrong with digital tools it's become so easy and the craft and artifice that you needed to master to produce anything is now redundant. Any struggle that you have with this is of your own making. Disagree and I challenge you to buy oil paints and try to produce anything.
  17. About an hour and a half. Daub brushes, shows how good Affinity is.
  18. Well you can import photoshop brushes but then again Affinity has a good enough brush engine to paint whatever you like. i suggest as I did to make a few of your own from affinity tools and get painting. You don't need a lot in reality the brushes really don't matter, the default basic brushes are good enough. Find what you like and tweek in the settings, Fancy brushes are well... not really fancy.. your ability is. That is the bottom line. I paint just as well in affinity as Corel Painter and that cannot be bettered as a brush engine so go figure. hope this clarifies things. T. What you already have are riches beyond imagining believe me.
  19. OK taking my first rough try in AP and polishing it up to a finished painting, mostly with Daub brushes. Not tackled the ship yet which will probably get extensive changes. AP more than up to the task though.
  20. AAAAhhh...thank you so much. I am very new to this software that's just what I thought in my dimness that was missing,
  21. \working for me nicely now and getting faster. Could do with a brush resize keystroke or mouse function though.
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