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  1. On 10/2/2018 at 3:29 PM, MikeW said:

    Not in my experience. There are few times I have ever imposed for a print establishment of any kind. (I do impose for my own purposes as I have begun making books by hand as a fun hobby.) In fact, the only time I have imposed for a print establishment was for a place that ran inexpensive two-color jobs (black + spot color) that had zero facility to impose themselves, except film by hand.


    Well for some reason the Optical disc business has since CD booklets arrived ask for imposed pages. That's the business we are in.


  2. Most digital printers like to receive PDFs of Booklets in printers pairs ready to print. It is not the case that they will always impose pages for you. Especially not for short run production.

    It would be great if Affinity Publisher included the simple intuitive way this is done in Page Plus. It doesn't have to be complicated. Please.

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