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    goldsphere reacted to Pauls in 1.8.1 keeps crashing opening 1.7.x files   
    The file is opening for me whch would indicate it is a linked file problem. You could either upload all the linked files or wait for the next beta to see if we have cured that problem for you. We have fixed an issue with linked files and the beta should be out soon
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    goldsphere got a reaction from ronnyb in Hover over guide line...   
    Hey guys!
    It would be super cool to see a popup somewhere when hovering over guide lines.
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    goldsphere reacted to hypnotic in Missing Fundamental Tools for Web   
    I absolutely love Affinity but right now there are still some tools that forbid me to completely leave Adobe.
    They are:
    - Crop Canvas (or Crop Document)
    - Trim Canvas
    - Resize Canvas
    - New document based on clipboard object (match size with the object on clipboard)
    Something to think about:
    - Responsive design / document states - I think there are no tools on the market that allow us to properly address this. It would be great to create different states for a document, this would allow us to reuse page elements and arrange them in different document sizes. This could then export to an html page that would allow us to show our clients how a responsive page would perform in different sizes. This export would have media queries and would change images for different window sizes.
    - Sprite sheets - Properly address the creation of sprite sheets, generate css, define hover, active states for sprites, etc. This would be really killer!
    Make this tools and you'll have all the new generation of designers going to Affinity (The old designers will stick with Photoshop till its death :) ).
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    goldsphere reacted to dradept in Create new document from clipboard   
    This is exactly what I would like, I sometimes copy an area of an image and then need to create a document the exact size before pasting in that image. Photoshop and fireworks does this and it saves a huge amount of time.
    New from Clipboard creates the document with the precise dimensions of the clipboard.
    Another option would be to be able to trim the canvas to the size of whatever is within it.
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    goldsphere reacted to Raskolnikov in Resize canvas to selection   
    In that direction I would like this feature (photoshop) and i miss it.

    Having the possibility or using an anchor to decide in witch direction you want to to resize it and how much.
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    goldsphere reacted to sunnygleason in Resize canvas to selection   
    I'd love to be able to "resize canvas to selected objects"
    or, perhaps even better, "create new from clipboard".
    So far, that's my only missing feature...
    Hopefully it's an easy feature to implement too! :)
    All the best, keep up the great work--
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