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    Landscape and astro photographer.
  1. Thanks James I'll try the Automatically remove ghosts feature. (Within this project I used bracketing with a Nikon D7000 DSLR.) To show the developers what Photo produced, I added only 2 RAW images from the bracketing session to show the situation I've found. Best
  2. Hi MEB Could you investigate and check the pictures I've provided? Best
  3. Hi I've created a HDR Merge project with 2 pictures and I've used the Automaticalls align images using the perspective setting. The pictures were shot on a tripod. Please find the full project with the 2 RAW files and a JPD screen shot of the misaligned detail under the following dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o5rzvugmydvkld9/AACgBDkuvMd6yzK9l8W_P2Bya?dl=0 Best
  4. Hello & HNY! I have been experimenting with the HDR merge and Focus merge modules and I'm experiencing a problem that Affinity Photo does not align the pictures correct. I can't find a way to align the pictures manually. Maybe I've not found the feature or this is currently not possible. Thanks, Rolf