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  1. Thanks for the reply, but not any of these tools are installed, also the problematic NVIDIA settings are not choosen. The curious thing is Affinity worked fine in an earlier version, I think it was one of the 1.6 releases. Andreas
  2. I couldn't give enough attention to the problem in the past so I worked with my old Adobe Photoshop version. But now I would love to use Affinity Photo consequently. I think Photo constantly crashs since version 1.7 (Designer too) on startup. I've never seen the regular splash screen anymore. Any idea? Auggie
  3. I'm running into the same issue. Why is it needed to keep the old install files? Can't update neather Photo, nor Designer! An older "Affinity.msi" is missed. The official installers 1.5.1 do not help and asking for the same "Affinity.msi"! So, what's up now? I have no clue how deinstalling the previous versions. A protocoll file located in the install folder would archive the same to make a deinstallation work. The Temp folder is a place that gets cleaned up from time to time. Strange, totally annoying and unneeded behavior.... Since there is no archive of older installers on your website, I have installed now the last recent beta versions just to can work. Not ideal! Please provide a smart solution to manage installations in a more senseful way! And please provide a proper download site where older packages can be accessed so the people can get rid of such unneeded and unexpected issues by themself! Thanks! Auggie
  4. Please rearrange the list of supported graphic file formats in the "open file" dialog window more sensefully! Actually the list doesn't give an easy overview of the supported formats since all formats are arranged in one line, not in alphabetical order, seperated by commas only!!! Please arrange it in alphabetical order, one item per line! Thank you very much in advance Auggie
  5. DPX and J2C are common exchange formats in film business. Could you please add it to the süpported file formats for import and export? best regards and thank you very much for the good work Auggie
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