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  1. Hi @Humblejay - I had to send the file to @MEB and they repaired it (I remember they did it quickly). Good luck :)
  2. Problem solved thanks to MEB and the dev team. They were able to fix the issue with my file. Really, thank you guys !
  3. Hi MEB - do you have a rough idea on by when I can expect an answer from the dev team ? Are we speaking about hours? days? weeks? (This 'corrupted' document being a work document, I just need this information to prioritise the activities on my side) Thanks
  4. Hi MEB - I did upload the file using the link you have mentioned. Regarding the fonts installed on my system, I've one or two additional ones but it did not cause any issue in the past (I've installed them something like 1 year ago). I really appreciate your help - I've spent a lot of hours on it so I could not imagine losing it. Thanks again. Vincent
  5. Hi MEB - thanks for your quick reply. I did what you have mentioned but unfortunately it did not work. I was maybe not clear enough in the description of my problem. I can open Affinity Designer when I click on the app icon. Affinity Designer works perfectly. My problem is when I'm trying to open my file "XXX.afdesign" (either by clicking on the menu "Open" directly in Affinity Designer OR by double-clicking in Finder on my file). So I think it's my file who seems to be corrupted, not Affinity Designer.
  6. Hi - I really need help here as I don't want to lose a lot of hours working on my document. When I open my file "XXX.afdesign", Affinity Designer (version 1.6.0) is stuck on "Loading 1 document" and my document does not open. It get stuck here. Previously, Affinity Designer crashed when I was using it (I was just moving one rectangle into another rectangle in my artboard). Then, when I tried to reopen my document, I had this "Loading 1 document". It seems this crash has corrupted my document. Has anyone faced the same issue before? Any help would
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