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  1. - and it's not AffPub's fault! I thought I'd mention this in case anyone else has the same problem. I tried to Place an Image but could only select the file: after a moment AffPub crashed. Repeatedly. Turns out it's a Windows/User problem: the filename was too long - 'Microsoft Windows has a MAX_PATH limit of ~256 characters. If the length of the path and filename combined exceed ~256 characters you will be able to see the path/files via the Windows Explorer, but may not be able to delete/move/rename these paths/files.' I couldn't even shorten the filename - had to open it and resave with a shorter name. AffPub likes me now. David
  2. Well, I honestly didn't think it would, but it has! PDF on the left, AffPub on the right. Thank you VERY much Dan! Colour picker picks up a VERY slight difference but insignificant. I really did not see how it could be a screen problem, so good job someone knew better than me (not for the first time) Isn't this an excellent forum? When I'm advising people to try Affinity products I always mention the help we get in the forums. Take care, David
  3. Hi, thanks for picking this up. My settings are currently — I've included this although as I say the problem appears to be my screen showing a different colour from what AffPub is displaying. David Briefing9_3.afpub
  4. Hi all, This is apparently a simple problem but I've no idea of the answer. Basically, why do I set one (RGB) colour in AffPub but see another on screen? And, before you leap to tell me, I don't think it's what you think. Here's my partial screendump. You can see I've set RGB 70,22,100, but the colour picker sees it as 75,6,100. If I export the page to PDF the purple changes to blue — — which the picker sees as 33, 0, 100. Noticeably different, but in fact this is what the AffPub RGB settings I used SHOULD produce. What I sent to my mate for discussion is this — These don't actually look much different but they are. I initially assumed I needed to adjust my screen settings but now, having talked it through with My Mate Mike, since I can see the difference on the same screen, and since he can also see a visible difference on his machine, and has also checked the visible colour difference, I don't see how it can be that. Incidentally, if I use (a very old version of) Paint Shop Pro, RGB 70,22,100 produces this — — just like AffPub does, and if I save a pdf I get — —so maybe it is something to do with my setup after all? This all arose because I couldn't seem to produce a nice purplish purple in the PDF I want. It's easily remedied, by setting a redder purple, but now we both want to know — — has anyone else come across this? — how do we make it right? Thanks in advance. David [If I produce a rectangle with the same RGB settings in AffPhoto I get — — and the picker sees this as 74, 0, 101, which is quite different from the AffPhoto setting.]
  5. I think it might help if I attach the afpub file. Postcard 4.afpub
  6. Just to confirm, my settings are — (should this be RGB?) That seems to be all .... Hopefully? David
  7. Maybe I should mention this does not affect images - only text, etc
  8. That'll be it I bet. The default setting is CMYK isn't it? I do my colours in RGB (simpleton, I know). So ... no, it's not working. This is Exporting (for print). Still blue. I found the setting in Document setup>Colour and set it to RBB(32) and the colour profile is sRGB etc but I must be missing something. I can't see a CMYK setting in Export. Err...?
  9. I've just exported to a pdf and the colour came out wrong. My Colour settings are — The problem is this — In the background, Publisher, on the left Foxit Reader, on the right, Adobe Acrobat Reader. To be honest, the difference doesn't look so marked here, so I've uploaded the file too (Capture.jpg): the pdfs are much bluer. This is with the new 1.1 update, but it first appeared without it. Actually the purple you see in Foxit Reader isn't what I wanted — the pdf came out blue originally and I had to mess around to get a pdf approximately what I wanted. I have n't always had this problem, it's cropped up in recent months. No doubt it's a setting I need to change (I haven't knowingly altered anything) so if someone could advise, I'd be grateful. David
  10. Sorry Walt, I missed your answer. Windows 10. Dragging them out of the file window.
  11. Its just the rendering of the copied images that I'm talking about — exported jpgs are pretty much identical. I didn't make the original image, just copied it. Shouldn't the pic we work on look better?
  12. This is a full-size screenshot of an image I copied into a) on the right, Photo (, and b) on the left, PSP 2019. Which would you prefer? Well, Photo, actually, but this worries me. Should I? Or have I got some setting in Photo not set? David
  13. Can't I just drag and drop the images I'm going to be using into Assets?
  14. Could someone tell me, please, why objects (text frames) on the canvas outside my documents are cut off like this? Is there anything I can do to show the whole objects? Clip to Canvas does not, of course, help.
  15. I don't think I was using Clip/Unclip properly, which is probably the answer to your point above. I was expecting to have to set this up for it to work, which is why I expected to see it selected; not to do it after the Rotate. So I don't expect there's anything wrong with my program!
  16. Everyone - thanks for taking the trouble. I think part of my problem is, that although there's only one layer showing (Background), in fact it has another, Canvas, behind it. Is that it? So when I thought I was resizing everything, in fact I was only dealing with the top layer. And I never knew.
  17. Thanks Pšenda. It's just that a lot of stuff I've been taking for granted isn't automatic. Any comment on the rest of my rant?
  18. This is how PSP does it— —and I can select the whole of the white area if I want, or save it ... I'm not saying it's better, just what I'm used to, and I'd like to be able to do it in Photo. For instance, I quite often post books on Facebook. I copy the front image and add add white margins to left and right (which PSP does with Image>Add borders, nice and easy) so it's a suitable format (wider than tall) and just copy it in. That seems a much more complicated process with Photo. With Photo I open an image (just one layer, so it's selected of course), I click on Rectangular Marquee Tool, select the area I want, press Ctrl-C, and does it copy it? No!. If I paste it, it's copied the whole image. Why???? Is this normal? It works with PSP! So why use Photo? I want to!
  19. Having gone back to PSP I now see that exactly the same thing happens, so it must be me!! The only difference is, that with PSP I can select the new rectangle which has expanded to include the white triangular corners, straight away, whereas with Photo the corners have been chopped off.
  20. Thanks Paul—I thought that might be the solution, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I expected to see it selected once I'd clicked on it, but no ... Clip or Unclip, neither is selected.
  21. Well, first of all, I'm not that used to working with layers. I go back to Paint Shop Pro 4 (1997 I think!) when things were simpler. So if I want to rotate an image, that's what I want to do! I'm still getting use to Photo - it's fine, I just need to know how to use it.
  22. Hi Walt—trying to help out as usual! Yes, what I'd like to be able to do is use this menu— —which I assume is what you mean (I don't have a Menu>Document>Rotate Canvas option—do you?? I'm using but with more control, as I have with PSP, for example. Thanks for helping.
  23. Thanks — yes, I'd got that, and if i copy it and paste it, it's all there, but why would anyone want to rotate it and have the canvas act as a bounding box to cut out parts? It seems so silly—particularly when it doesn't work that way if you rotate the document. Is there a reason?
  24. When I rotate an image I lose the corners— I can't see the whole of the image. I can when I Document>Rotate 90... —why not normally? This must be a basic thing, but, as so many people say, it's really bugging me!
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