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    Cable Monk

    Just finished this guy: Liking the (beta) software sofar, this could "work" for me if finished right. :) More on my instagram account.
  2. boudewijndanser

    Cable Monk

    Thanks guys! :)
  3. boudewijndanser

    Meet the eejit....

    Nice! Like the texture. You could give the balloon a (dark yellow?) outline and maybe some harder lighting dots to make it "pop" more. You could also position the creature a bit more to the left, make some more space on the right and move the balleen a bit more that way. :)
  4. boudewijndanser

    Delete empty layers

    It would be very nice if empty layers could be deleted through a command or automaticly on save / exit? Helps creating order in the creative chaos and should be better for filesize too right? :)
  5. I think it's great that you have a place to post bugs for the beta and that you respond to topics. (Just having it is only half...) Will the forum (or something similar) still be there after release? I really hope so because it gives people a chance to report things and find out if there is a fix. And it makes it easier to find out if you're the only one on the planet experiencing a problem/ bug.
  6. I was playing around with the cropping tool too. Dragging an area in your document and hitting enter, Mac makes bleep sound, hit enter again, same bleep... Hmmm... :huh: I was expecting "standard crop functionality" because the tool looks like that, because that's what I'm used too. ;)
  7. Flash has the simplify feature too. I think it's good to be able to control the smoothing, for maximum control. :)
  8. boudewijndanser

    Some of illustrator's better features

    I'd say take full advantage of peoples' "muscle memory" the shortcuts that have been engraved into longtime Adobe illustrator users' brains. That would make your new software feel really familiar to a lot of people, which should speed up learning to work with it a lot. Use all shortcuts exactly the same as AI does. And then improve after release with maybe changing some + making them customisable. Maybe a poll would give better insight?
  9. boudewijndanser


    Great! Symbols / movieclips are one of my favourite things when drawing in Flash. Helps keeping things organized. I'm hoping there will be layers in the AF symbols?
  10. boudewijndanser

    Cable Monk

    Thanks guys! I drew it, because the expand stroke feature isn't hooked up yet. :)
  11. boudewijndanser

    Art Boards & Pages

    Artboards? yes please. Allows you to organize the creative output (chaos..?) in your document.
  12. Yeah, that is a "risk". And while there will always be few people shout down other features I think the majority of the people will appreciate your openness and bravery. The shouting people will be there anyway, roadmap or not. While you guys may remember the "shouters", users will look past that and see a company that is willing to take them seriously, letting them know what to expect, that wants to know what we think. By being transparent about what's coming (Even if it's nog written in stone...) you let us know where we're going with you, before we get on the Affinity Designer train.
  13. Yes! This would be awesome. I think there is so much to gain in being open about these things, so we know what's coming and help improve that.
  14. boudewijndanser

    Expand curve to shape

    Ah! I was looking for this one, thought I'd gone mad... ;)
  15. boudewijndanser

    Stroke Width

    Another thing that would improve (my) workflow is being able to adjust the line/ stroke width in the top menu bar (next to curve / fill) too. Place the slider on the right of those. I know that slider is in the line panel too, but that panel is on my other screen, about 1400 pixels and a 20 cm arm slide on my tablet away. The top menu bar is closest to where I've just drawn a line. The way it is now is that you have to first click that window open to slide adjust your line width. That and moving to the other panel takes more moving / time. It would also be neat if there was a shortcut attached to it, like cmd + something for thicker line & cmd + something else for thinner line. Like you adjust brush size in Photoshop.
  16. boudewijndanser

    Some of illustrator's better features

    Yeah, combine both. Standard AI shortcuts and the posibility to adjust them or load other standard shortcut sets.
  17. boudewijndanser

    Some of illustrator's better features

    I agree. By keeping most (maybe all) of the Affinity Designers' shortcuts the same as Adobe illustrator you decrease the time which people need to adjust and make it easier for them to switch and say their goodbyes to Adobe. Bring world vector domination one step closer! ;)
  18. boudewijndanser

    Locked Layer

    I was looking for this too, was expecting it under a rightclick... You could also place the lock symbol the layer in light grey, that way it's subtle but right there when you need it. :)
  19. Found this the easiest way to leave a note. The Affinity instagram account doesn't have a url in it's profile. If added it might lead designers to your website, download a beta & maybe buy stuff. ;)
  20. I get the idea behind it, selecting more than you want happens a lot in AI. But now it seems like selecting the thing that you need is getting harder, might be the getting used to the program... I'd throw the modifier around, drag select everythings / always and alt select to select less. :)
  21. boudewijndanser

    Tool UI size.

    I was changing the settings and expecting the toolbar icons to change in size...
  22. boudewijndanser

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello! Boudewijn Danser here, Freelance illustrator from the Netherlands. Like many creatives looking for a good alternative to Adobe products. You can view my illustration portfolio here if you like.
  23. boudewijndanser

    Stroke Width

    Just downloaded the beta and it looks promising! Line width was the first thing I was looking for, I use it a lot in Illustrator. I found the pressure button after searching the forums and landing here. Here is how I think it could be improved: Put the adjustment / controls on the anchor point. You want to be able to adjust lines and point right on your artboard after you've drawn them, not through menu's and panels. Show preview lines of what my width will look like after I release the controls. Now you you see it happening while making points in the pressure window, but it's too far apart / not linked enough. Keep the lines fluid, don't auto-add to many points. Make it more about controlling "point thickness" like in Illustrator. I think a lot of (vector) illustrators want total control over their lines, the width, but also the anchor points and how they bend/ curve. If done right I think this would be a great selling point / feature for Affinity Designer!