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  1. Since Publisher 1.7.2 this issue seems being solved. All fonts containing old-style numerals are now working fine.

    When I activate this feature, it will hold from the first to the last page, even when changing the styles of the fonts.

    On the other hand, working with macOS, the direct feature button Swash Letters doesn't work. So I have to use the all-features panel. This panel works correctly.

  2. 3 minutes ago, LibreTraining said:

    What fonts are used in your examples above?
    Are the default figures in those fonts the lining figures?

    How have you applied the old style figures?
    In the paragraph style?


    Default figures are the lining ones, and for activating the old style figures I usually use the typography panel.

    But anyway, this feature should run more robustly.

  3. Even in version .257 Publisher shows a strange behaviour in changing from default to old-style figures. In one font the old-style figures only show completely after having typed the letter 'f'. In another font a four-digit number only turns to old-style figures after having type the letter 'c' (see screenshots).846473920_Bildschirmfoto2019-03-11um19_08_20.png.f714bc072a39cbab8ac94a4fcaac50f8.png1420498922_Bildschirmfoto2019-03-11um19_12_23.png.4a20daa999e1d92008c41dd7bee1d37c.png

  4. I observed this issue with several old-style savvy fonts. But having read your post, I tried the following: I hit the Restore Fonts button in the Preferences Panel and it seems to have solved this issue. After having set almost an entire A4 page, this issue hasn't appeared in the text.

  5. 11 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    So, what did you do in the second line to get the swash caps that you have there?

    Do you, perhaps, need to select both the T and e (and H and e) in order to guarantee that the swash version of the kerning applies to that character pair?

    Hi Walt,

    Best advice ever! When selecting both swash cap and the following glyph the kerning pair will be recognized.


  6. Hi,

    It's me again with that kerning stuff. Attached to this comment is a screenshot (Publisher Beta) with three lines. The first one is set in default, the third line was typed after activating the swash button in the typography panel. In the second line I wanted to change only two glyphs from default to swash, and exactly in this case the kerning will not be accepted. Crazy!

    Please beware that this issue also occurs in Affinity Designer and Photo (on the Mac)!


    Affinity Publisher Beta screenshot.png