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  1. So it does! It also reponds to the check mark in the menu like that. Many thanks.
  2. No luck, I'm afraid. I did the Ctrl + Start and reset absolutely every thing. I get the Right Studio but only the toolbar on the left. This is my screen after a complete reset:
  3. Any idea why I don't see Studio Left even though it is checked?
  4. Thanks. That's the problem though. If I check or uncheck 'Show Left Studio' in the menu I see no change, nothing at all, on the left apart from the Toolbar.
  5. I have been fiddling around with the Studio Right modules and now I want to reset the UI to default but I can't see a way to do that. Can someone point me the way, please? Also, I see, in the menu, a reference to Studio Left but I don't see it? Can someone enlighten me please?
  6. Thanks. I'll check that out. I wonder why they don't just call it 'Levels', for consistency at least. It's a standard term and used elsewhere in the software. Levels is one of the first tools I use when processing RAW files.
  7. Ah. Thanks. I was assuming that 'Develop' would process the RAW file to jpg/tif/png but I see it produces a RAW (modified) file and then offers Levels plus the adjustments which were also available in the Develop 'persona'. I shall have to dig deeper into this process as I find it confusing after the other converters I have used.
  8. By ajustments panel you mean the where Exposure, Enhance. White Balance etc are seen? If so I don't see levels. I would expect it with Exposure... or is it not available for RAW files?
  9. Click and drag for the more dextrous amongst us is probably fine but for some of us oldies with arthritis and the like it can be painful at times. Scrolling is a much easier way for us. Capture One and LR manage it so I guess it must be possible.
  10. I landed here following a search for the same question. Click and drag the slider gives very good fine control, however placing the cursor over the numeric field and scrolling will only give whole point movement which is often far too coarse. Shift + scroll gives even coarser control with 5 point movements. Surely there must be a way to achieve good fine control with the scroll wheel as well?
  11. In each develop option (levels, white balance, exposure etc) there are example tiles showing 'darker', lighter' etc. I would prefer not to see these. Can they be switched off?
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