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  1. I agree with you to 100 %. That would be the best solution.
  2. Thanks MEB, but the File Size remains still too big. I attach the File Sizes from Photoshop CS6 for example.
  3. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer for exporting JPG. My Problem is the File Size is too big, even with compression of 0%. Example: 80% compression = 80,3 KB 0% compression = 66,2 KB Why remains the File Size so big? Could it be a bug? (The problem is with Mac and Windows. I have tested it.) See attached my examples. bg-header.psd
  4. Hi guys, I try to make floor plans with affinity designer. I used to draw the floor plans with Illustrator/Photoshop (see the pictures). But now I am proud that I switched from Adobe to Affinity! Are there somewhere any Assets for download? (Each element separately, in an Assets library: chairs, beds, tables, shower…) It would be great if someone could share something with us. Thank you.
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