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  1. Thanks Walt, that is doing the trick! all back. regards, Harry
  2. I have try to import one of the my many brushes I get error import not possible! with other words, I can't use V2 !!!!
  3. After start of V2 this day, I see that the whole Brush list is 100% empthy... Re-installation has no effect at all. and Now?
  4. To me its working 100%, so its I think a combination of soft and hardware configuration. I hope you find a way to get yours working. Its working under Win 11 (windows insider beta) with a i5-11400F and 48 gb 3200mhz Ram on a Msi 590Z motherboard and RTX 3060 in combi with a Nvidia studio driver.
  5. it was already clear from the beginning that every new version has a new licence model. Yes Serif can ask some more for it, thats their rights. Every thing cost more, also they have to buy also their food and more. So simple I have buy the new one without complaining.
  6. I think not so many people use 3D, so why should Serif this develop. And as photographer can ask yourself Do I need 3D, then choose the software that can do that. But thats my opinion.
  7. zet zo en zo de hardware versnelling uit, daar zijn teveel problemen mee. verder kan geheugen een rol spelen. teveel processen op de achtergrond kan ook meespelen.
  8. the files I tink are corrupt, thanks for checking out.
  9. oke, this is happen after I used a another HD, where I copy the images to. On the base ssd I can them open. strange, I had this problem last week also on the original drive. its possible that the problem is by win11 (windows insider beta).
  10. After a win 11 update yesterday My pentax PEF raw files are not accepted anaymore. I send as attach a .pef to test this. regards, Harry IMGP1885.PEF
  11. there was a .net update last week, so possible this can be the trick. I working with the win 11 insider beta version, have no problems in combination with 1.10.5 photo or other .
  12. I use for short time now also the PEF, but have no find this problem. Will this follow.
  13. Problem is, they all want a second Photoshop, but Affinity will be not a Photoshop. its differend en will be.
  14. there are two alternatives, for windows is the Abemeda and the neoFinder voor Macintosh. AbeMeda works perfect and you can directly open Affinity. For mac it will works the same I think. You can use max 5 free databases with no subscribe.
  15. I was working today on a concept art, and wanted to use mask, but working with the brush (black/wihte) is done nothing. its on I could make my work, but this is well a missing tool for now. I need to test this if the old beta is working with the mask or not, so I will come back to this. Strange, the beta was working, after load the saved file back into the regulair version , I could use the mask. so no idea why it was not happen.
  16. But why the beta have this low and the release high... oke there can maby some different things happen . I will monitor this further for some time.
  17. Well Annie some of the problems you describe with the Xp-pen I have seen also. But I can work with it. What Win11 : I use a special vwrsion for testers, but I think you use a normal home version this can be different. If I use the beta of (RC2) I can working without problems. So there is someting the team has to see what the problem is. Have you set Hardware (openCL) in performens set to off! Mostly this will help.
  18. I have the newest Nvida studio drivers. And It makes no different if CL is on or off. I have the same settings for beta (rc2) and release version, but beta is loading faster and no heavvy power supply. So what is the different between both, thats the question. I see a different use in memory by action on screen, the beta(rc2) is using less for the same action on the release. Power is at that moment the same, but after the screen action the release stays on High power but the beta goed back to low.
  19. Both builds are 1342 and purchase directly from serif. 3 years ago. more info: The beta is also loading faster then the release with the newest windows OS build. (see under)
  20. I have done todaya test with a PS version from 2021, and have found no problems. Not slow everything is working. have done a reset to my pen settings and also for AP but nothing seems to help. it stay slow for working with video or what than I wanted. Things need to change in stabillity fast. I have installed the beta again, with all option in performens at on its working perfect. So what is different between this beta and the leatetst release?
  21. After the leatest update from win11 build 22598.ni-release.220408-1503 I detect by using AP very high power consumpion and to much memory use. It slow down the whole system so many that really working is not my happy day. Before it was normal. I have seen this behaivor already erlier to other version to.
  22. have you the leatest GPU driver installed? I have almost the same configuration, but use the win11 dev/beta. I have no problems to now.
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