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  1. studio97

    wacom and menu items

    I have not found any problems thru now. If this will behappen again I will ry to make a screenshot. Thanks for responding
  2. I discovered today some problems in the RC2 version with the wacom tablet when in try to choose menu items. Some times its working or not. selection is then not possible and have to use the mouse. But brushes, clonetool are working after slected with mouse in the personas
  3. When I was working on a visual and used some of my PS brushes and used them on own layers the layer handlers are not working! I have made a small video of this. Oke not only the PS but all brushes the layer handles are not responding. Update: after restarting the programm the layer handlers are working again. oke nice, but very irritation if you are working on a project! CaptureWiz001.wmv
  4. studio97

    Program closes on startup

    I have also fontbase installed with all fonts open, but have no problem loading at all.
  5. studio97

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    ook ik heb geen problemen buiten het kleur probleem in Viveza.
  6. The brushes on the RC2 are working but on screen its all very slow. I use a Intuos CTH-480 for a smooth working I need a mouse. If choose a brush the whole thing is slowing down. But what I use are PS brushes. The vector brushes from Frankandtoon are working smooth with the pen.
  7. I have NIK as external plugin but never crashes in the both versions under Windows
  8. studio97

    Beta update?

    From practice out I can say the leatest beta on windows 10 is more stable then ever before. Yes There are glitches there is a beta for. So Affinity team you are on the right way.
  9. So many people so many wishes, for me is fast and stability the only wishes
  10. Don't know if it has to do with my system, but Photo 1.6.5 for windows (10) freezes after loading a jpg 6000x 4000 px complett. This is happening on several times. exittools are mostly two times active, but remove these is not helping resolve the issue. I ask myself the questing will I be go further or going back to PS. Is a shame that this is happening for a production version. Os. Windows 10 (leatest updating) memory: 16 gb Graphic: Nividia 1050 Ti 4 gb
  11. studio97

    programm freeze after loading

    not a specific thing or error that can give you a idea. Only this, if Programm hangs up I need to kill it by the file manager.
  12. studio97

    programm freeze after loading

    no its happening not always. If I reset Photo and use the backup then I can work again and save it. But its annoying when you are in the middle of a process and this happend
  13. I have this to some times after use a brush or exporting. Its very random. I use win 10 home newest updates.
  14. studio97

    PS brushes

    On customer again tryed today out the problem with the imported PS brushes with a Wacom Intuos pen tablet. First they loading very slow before you can use it, but the size need to set lower then 1000px. This is for bigger images not useble. Yes I can use the normal mouse with 2500px but this can freeze up the whole system. This is also at version 1.6.5 My system: Win 10 64b i5-4800mhz 16 GB ddr3 Nvidia Geforce 1050ti 8gb
  15. studio97

    PS brushes

    I have so many, but most of the problem brushes are these who are bigger than 1500 px . But today There was a driver update from Wacom, so I tested this directly in version 1.6.5 and loading is fast now by the bigger brushes. So the problem should be gone for now. I need to test this in version but let ypu now if this give problems there.
  16. Under Win 10 with a D5300 no problems
  17. studio97

    Slow performance still

    The overall process in this version is slow. Brush format is a thing with [ ] I use a windos 10 Intel i5 16 GB memory 1050 Ti GPU
  18. studio97

    Release date estimation

    Its a photo edit package, so movie elements have nothing to do with it. Then go use photoshop
  19. studio97

    Release date estimation

    no GPU acceleration, now I know why its so slow on my desktop.
  20. I work also with a i5- 4570 CPU 3.2 GHz Ram 16 Gb and a Nvidia 1050 Ti but PS and AP are working very smooth and that I have both active.
  21. studio97

    Wacom tablet issues on

    yes many of the photoshop brushes are this format.
  22. studio97

    Wacom tablet issues on

    here sometimes it freeze whole AP system most happend to brushes <2500 Window 10 I5 -4700 16 GB
  23. studio97

    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Thanks alot!
  24. studio97

    Perspective Transforms?

    Will this come, because its a basic need for a designer.?
  25. studio97

    Perspective Transforms?

    I try to shape text, but can't find a solution for this in Designer?