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  1. Free for 90 days? .... I want to try the leatest Publisher for some time, but I got a period of 30 days is done...
  2. Thanks for this great update guys... stay save all
  3. I have no problems in Photo and Designer under windows 10.
  4. I don't have this problem seen and use last version of windows 10.
  5. I know... To day I could work in it without problems.
  6. I use sometimes a stockphoto yes, but also happen with use a PS brushe small or big no different.
  7. I have now by using 1.8.2 several programm crashes by most simple things. No reports are made, I have to close AP with ctrl+alt+del other way not possible. mouse or pen are active but no tool or other button is responding.
  8. Here the dmp for the beta 611 e585cf4a-e2fa-4c95-bd49-ae6a04474c2c.dmp
  9. The same here with windows ink off no problems with XP-pen star03
  10. Beta test whole day and no specific problems found, and big brush are working good for the first time.... so great job Team.
  11. Not alone Wacom has this lag, but most of the paint tablets, the workflow is acceptable for my, but could better.
  12. This a customer Beta. leatest release is 1.8.0
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