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  1. Oke after a windows update this morning and hard reset of my pc, I tryed again to see if the beta 514 freeze by using the Frankentoon stamp. I used the XPPen star3 tablet with windows Ink on. in the first everything looks good, but then use a stamp en there every thing goes wrong, the pointer is not change anyway and goes very slow. An then at least I have to use the normal mouse, you see that the pointer gives circles now and I could place the stamp where I wanted it.
  2. I was trying that, but something get between it, so will try today again.
  3. I don't use designer so much, but yes also the mouse was out. I will check to day again with some other brushes and windows ink
  4. by my first try this version, I made a simple test square in red, go to pixel persona and use a frankentoon stamp, first there happen nothing, after some time the brush came up, try to close the brush, I could do nothing because the programm freeze, and had to close it otherwise. Have removed this version from system. OS.: windows 10 Leatest drivers. system: i5 4700 mhz memory: 28 gb Using: XPpen star 3B newest drivers. Windows Ink: on
  5. studio97

    Text wrap needed

    There are enouch users who have no need or work for publisher, but use designer for everything. Then you need for one thing what has been normal a basic tool a complett piece of software for it. Thats why I wrote this question.
  6. studio97

    Vegetation Brushes Set 2

    Amazing thanks
  7. oke dank je, zal dit in de groep doorgeven.
  8. Can people make and use big formats like A1 and bigger in publisher?
  9. studio97

    Text wrap needed

    Its a question thats come from users, so its to the team from serif of this will be come or not.
  10. studio97

    Text wrap needed

    Not everone wants have publisher, so thats why designer needs this tool to.
  11. I have read some things about this problem, but no where you see a really using solution for people with no so good technic. Text wrap around images (png) should by a basic tool in Designer! I got on my Designer group many questions about this. And please don't come with answers to wrap around static objects like a circle. Thanks, Harry
  12. yes thats correct, but the user has the problem, that he need to set the numbers by hand. So if you set it to old style this will be only for one column, the next column he have to set it again by hand in the same document what he tell me. here a link to the screen dumps from this user
  13. I got a question from one of my dutch members about using mediaval type can be used? so far I know its not in the most open studio, but only Georgia type. Look the image what mean here.
  14. I see this more, mostly a transperant side (top, under, right or left). The soft line is new for me. But if I change the view more up to 50% then the lines are gone.
  15. studio97

    Importing brush error

    me, no problems found wit importing.

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