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  1. studio97

    CanĀ“t import brushes

    yes can confirm this. Most .abr files can't imort in 1.7.2 i have test this with brushes I have already active from 1.7.1 see the screen shot, the same brushe is active, but a test to import gives error, normal I got a second version in the list.
  2. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    Thanks Sean, lets hope they can do that.
  3. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    correct! I have found some more with the same error
  4. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    Thanks, I have try yesterday again, and most of the brushes import, some made for PS give a fail error on screen like the file I have attach. No idea why this is happen in Designer, because in Photo there is no problem. 20_Powder_PS_Brushes_abr_Vol_4.zip
  5. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    Some pixel brushes he import without problems. The strange is that the not import brushes load perfect in de newest Photo beta.
  6. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    I will go check this to morrow again. Thans for react.
  7. studio97

    Import brushes failet

    When I try to import af new brush set in pixel persona ik got only import failed, not more then that.
  8. studio97

    brushes 2500 pixels are lagging

    every things I have already try, but or it have a problem with my wacom, but its not working. I have no problems in Photoshop with brushes . The strange things is that I have no problems with big brushes and wacom in Pixel persona from Designer at all!!
  9. Existing brushes are working, but import brushes gives a fail error in version 464.
  10. studio97

    brushes 2500 pixels are lagging

    well I have try to get a video capture but I don't get this with mouse pointer, so this is not really the way. After download the leatest beta 464, its not better at all. Can't really use the pen tablet for designing or retouche photo's. Very slow loading the brushes greater than 1000 px. with the normal mouse I can work, but its not my way to work.
  11. studio97

    brushes 2500 pixels are lagging

    These brushes are official for PS, and yes this is happening only with the wacom tablet I use. I will try to record a screen video to show whats happen.
  12. studio97

    brushes 2500 pixels are lagging

    I use I5 4850 with Win10 and 28gb memory + Nividia 1050 ti gpu
  13. I use the wacom Intuos 4 tablet,in 445 the problem is again there brushes from 2500 px are lagging and loading very bad. With the mouse its not a problem. And yes I have the leatest wacom drivers. Are there others with this?
  14. After make a selection and inversed this and try to copy it the whole system freezed. I used a wacom intuos 4 driver with this, i had to use the mouse to get to unlock the system again. Don't know if this is a bug. There was no expended GPU or memory at the moment. Windows 10 home 28 gb ram i5 gpu an nvidia 1050ti