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  1. Downloaded and install with no problem, after upstart Photo frezed up. I needed to remove the crashandle in taskmamager to get Photo working. There was no error report. The most problems where I fixed to is the big PS brushes, but this time everything was working.
  2. I have after the 23H2 win11 also some hangs or 100% system crash with the regulair 2.2.1.xxx version. I have also the newest beta 2.3.x.xxxx and have no problems. So I think is related to 23H2
  3. After update to 2.2 I have by using brushes (paint mixer, fingerpaint, name it...) no responding errors. Slow exporting. pfffff I have try both stable 2.2 and the leatest beta. For 2.2 I had to set opencl to off so I can do some work. I'am not happy with this one. Oke there was a new studio driver some day's ago. maby this has some effect.
  4. Ai-art is funny yes, and you can do a lot with it, but.... yes there is always a but in case, you need to see it as a tool for inspiration and maby some items you can use in you own design,art, composition. There will always need for the human to edit, thats the way I use it. Without AP it will be shit.
  5. Its not done local, there is need a very big database with several models. For Generation you need strong and fast servers. Midjourney works with Discord where the Bot is working. But we will see what the future will bring.
  6. Well let me say to this theme, I use both together, text to art and afterwards editing and combine in Affinity photo. because the images you get the first a very low based, things are not really you want, so its to you as artist to get the picture you have in mind by yourself.
  7. I got a question from a outsider... If AP can do premultiplied alpha gifs? some has a answer to this? Thanks.
  8. You have 100% right.... I should have used erase white paper.... Yoy where slichty 1 second faster!!!
  9. I could get it working in Photo . Don't know if this was already registered here.
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