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  1. Affinity Photo consumes the full capacity of the Intel I7 CPU 4/8 CORE CPU 860 / 2.8 GHz. Is this processor obsolete to run this software properly. response times are excessively long from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and more for each action

    français : Affinity photo consomme toute la capacité du processeur INTEL I7 4/8 CORE CPU 860/2,8 GHz. ESt-ce que ce processeur est obsolète pour faire fonctionner correctement ce logiciel. les temps de réponses sont exagérément longs de 30 s à 2 mn et plus pour chaque action

    1. Patrick Connor

      Patrick Connor


      This is not an area for communicating with staff or asking questions of forum users.

      Status posts are really for introducing yourself or saying how you are feeling or working with the software, a bit like a blog. Very few forum users post anything to their status areas and almost nobody expects them to be used afaik.

      You need to create a topic in the appropriate forum to get answers/support, as Status posts are not  normally"visible" to staff and do not create support tickets.

  2. afinity photo ne répond pas sur "fusionner calques visibles"
    version sature le PC quelle que soit l'action "aplatir", "fusionner calques visibles". ci-joint une vidéo d'écran.

    Afinity photo does not respond on "merge visible layers"
    version saturates the PC regardless of the "flatten" action, "merge visible layers". attached a video screen.

    2017-11-27 at 08-28-25_affinity_photo_saturation_UC.mp4