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    imagegod got a reaction from Gnobelix in Windows: 'Open In Camera Raw'   
    I own the program...unfortunately I have no idea how to use it to its full extent. This is very helpful...many thanks!
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    imagegod got a reaction from firstdefence in Coloring a blank background   
    Wow, that's what I call an explanation! Thanks so much, very useful info.
    Much appreciated...thanks again!   
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    imagegod got a reaction from Shiljo in Installing Nik Collection In Affinity   
    Cool...thanks! Works like a charm. 
    For any Windows newbie: Install Nik without selecting a compatible host (unless you have Photoshop...it will install there if selected.)
    For Affinity Installation:
    Select: Preferences...Add...Navigate...Program Files...Google...Nik Collection...Install...restart. Et Voila! Enjoy!

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