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  1. Is there any method of doing a spot exposure correction? Most of the photos I have copied have light and dark areas due to the glass plate I was copying through.
  2. I have digitized several thousand old family photographs and saved them in the native ap format. This was done using a tripod, and a glass plate to flatten the pics. There are some reflections in all the pics which can be see as a darker outline of the camera in the pics. So there are light and dark areas in the pics due to the camera being right over the photo and plate glass. I would like recommendations on what tools would be useful to equalize the light/dark areas. There are just too many for me to figure out without some assistance. I would like the tools to be smart enough so that I can automate the process with macros if possible (non-destructively of course). Recommendations?
  3. When loading a few dozen pics of native ap format I have found that sometimes the following happens: After dragging 50 or so pics onto the application... - I created two shortcuts to rotate the pic. Sometimes they do not work. Then double clicking on the pic to center and fit the window sometimes just selects the pic. One has to then undo and try again. A rotated pic does not save in the rotated orientation. - When cropping a selected portion of the pic, a double click will usually finish the crop, but sometimes it does not. Clicking on Apply will always work. Not a big deal except when processing thousands of pics. - Loading more than a few dozen pics will crash the program. I only have 16G ram in the computer so this could be due to not enough ram.

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