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  1. Hi Alex_M, Can you not change this in Edit - Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts? I don't know, just asking/suggesting. :)
  2. Hello Affinity Community, 1) I don't know about anyone else but I notice sometimes I'm reading photo topics when I need designer ones(yep stupid I know), so I guess I'm saying it would be good to split these into two areas. 2) When I click a topic it goes to a random spot on the topics page like a bookmark is set. Sometimes at the bottom sometimes in the middle sometimes at the top instead of always at the top. 3) It would also be good to be able to choose whether you view oldest or newest post first in profile settings. 4) Also in profile settings it would be cool to be able to select automatic notifications on all topics we - I comment on or start so we - I don't forget to select it on the topic page when I'm in a hurry. Then I'd always be sure to get a notification when someone offers me or someone else help.(yep also stupid but I'm forgetful. However I just clicked follow this topic so I didn't forget). After checking this post I've come to the conclusion that maybe I need my own forum! Go Affinity
  3. Hi, I have AD version 1.5.2 on windows 10. I have been having a battle with this too and crabtrem is correct (helped me thanks crabtrem). I was doing this tutorial "Custom Smoke Brush" I tried copying from clipboard & then "select sample color" that doesn't work. Then tried to "rasterize" this clipboard image that doesn't work either if it's from the clipboard(there may be a way but I couldn't get it to work from clipboard) even though it was now a pixel layer. However doing what crabtrem said & using the "place image" tool then rasterizing it did work, it changes in the layer panel from an image layer to a pixel layer. Also opening it as a new file also worked. It seems it needs to be saved on your computer first & be a pixel layer before the "select sample color" tool will work properly. I'm no expert either, this is just what worked for me. Just adding my 2 cents worth in case someone else has problems.
  4. Yep, I just came across this post & used it. Thanks Callum
  5. Hi Guys, I'm running AD on windows 10. Most of my drawings have crooked strokes or lines (image attached below). I have searched the forums for an answer to this but to no avail. However while mucking around I have noticed if I zoom in a couple of times then go back to 100% the issue goes away. It only happens in AD(haven't used AP enough to find out) but this issue has never happened in Fireworks or PS Hope this helps someone.
  6. Hi Guys, I feel like I'm hammering this forum for help at present so sorry, but I'm just having a few issues lately stemming from here. So this issue is because AD can't open my last project so I have started again and in "New Document" I set the type to "Web" with custom size. However I wanted to change the size so hit the "Document Setup" button at top of page to change it. When I do this the documents type has changed to "Print" Does this actually change anything or is this just a string(word) & the other settings(Sizes, DPI, etc) rule what the page does? I have attached an image showing the original then the modifying boxes to show what happens. I have saved the document when created to see if that makes a difference but it still happens. Thanks
  7. I have to agree this is a time saving feature when I'm doing web graphics in Fireworks. I often have different versions of the same object on the same larger than needed canvas to compare & see which is better. Then I delete the ones I don't want, hit "Fit To Canvas" & presto ready to export. Super fast & efficient would love this feature in AD but even AP too
  8. Hi Meb Thanks for replying, I have no idea if it turns off or not. It's a "Seagate Expansion Desk SCSI Disk Device SRD00F2". But if I'm going to have these types of issues I'll go back to using Fireworks as I've never had a problem with it over a few PC's & external hard drives. My graphic files for Fireworks are on this drive also.
  9. Also I forgot to say, I had been working on the file in question. So had opened it & saved it many times then at the end of the day I closed the file then closed the AD program no issues with either of these 2 things. I didn't move the file or anything. I was up late so opened AD again & tried opening the file from "Open Recent" under the file tab. As that didn't work I browsed to it & so on & so on. Surly it should open as it's an ".afdesign" file so it's the correct file type. Even if it was a blank file that opened. Bizarre!
  10. Hi Meb, I save it to a external hard drive since the first day AD was installed. The drive is always connected to my PC & never unplugged. I've saved all my graphic files here for years. In saying this I have moved files to different folders on this drive for Fireworks projects over the last few years & never have I been unable to open a file. If AD uses more than one location why are none of them able to open the file? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, Running AD on Windows 10. Sorry for starting a new topic for similar threads written here & here but there wasn't an answer so I'm posting as well. I have been working on a project & suddenly it won't open & the message box pops up with "The File Type Is Not Supported" this is very annoying as I spent a little bit of time on it trying to learn AD. Is there a reason why this is happening to (I presume windows users)? Before this happened for the last few days I got message boxes saying something like "Couldn't open file. Do you want to open a recovery file" which I did and the file opened. But now it's not working Tried attaching the file but it kept saying "No file was selected for upload" so attached it in a zip file. Also attached the message box. All & any help appreciated. nield_cube.zip
  12. Thanks retrograde that was the issue. It would be great if the red line only appeared when dragging. I like the snapping but don't like having to turn it off to see my design correctly. However I can now move on. EDIT: I have just noticed it was the "Show Snapping Candidates" that was checked that causes my issue. When unchecked things are working okay. Thanks again.
  13. Hello, I am having a stroke issue with AD version on windows-10 . When drawing a vector shape from the tools with no stroke selected it ends up with a little red stroke. I have no FX selected & even set the stroke width to 0-pt even though the stroke is set to none. I have attached a screenshot showing the issue. It may be me & that I have missed something along the way but I don't think so. I also have AP & it doesn't happen in that. I found this topic in the forums but it's not quite the same https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32154-thin-black-line-around-shapes-designer/?hl=stroke Any help apreciated Thanks
  14. Hi I hope I'm in the right place to make this post. I would also like a skew & distort tool like in Fireworks. I tried to make the perspective text house logo attached to this(my reply) post with the triangle grid in Affinity Designer but it got a bit hard to snap round curves etc. But achieved it in Fireworks in a couple of minutes. Is the Mesh/Warp tool MEB is talking about what I am after? So it keeps things as vectors or editable text. I would use Affinity-D more if it had these tools. How long till these tools will be available? Good product though, just lacking a bit of important stuff that you really need. Then you could use it all the time as your # 1 vector creator. Cheers :)
  15. Hi. I know this is a very late post but it may help other people that are after a quick way to get a 3d cube. As Ben mentioned above use the canvas Grid by going to the View menu then click "Grid & Axis Manager" which then says "Grid & Snapping Axis" at the top check "Show Grid" then click "Advanced" under "Grid Type" choose "Triangular" & keep "Uniform" checked. You need "Snapping" turned on which is also under the "View" menu then "Snapping Manager" . Then you can use the pen tool to draw a perfect cube by tracing the grid lines which form cubes, the lines will snap easily into your cube shape . Once you have your desired cube, group it then save it. Now every time you need a cube use a copy of this cube which you can shrink/enlarge/rotate. I have only had this software a couple of days but used this technique already. It will be great when these type of shapes are available in the tools but until then this should help you out.
  16. I've 15 years in software dev which have always included graphic software mainly Fireworks but also PS. I would think being able to add the undo/redo buttons in the tools preferences is a brilliant thing. Dreamweaver allow you to create your own favorites toolbar, fantastic & dynamic, gives you personal options. This software (and Photo) could be the kick in the pants that adobe should get. Make it suit both Windowzy and Macdonalds users. A lot of the world don't choose the machine platforms, they get put in front of them at work, or school. My daughter has 10 years growing up with Apple but now uses Windows as well & likes both for different reasons. I quite often do my work late at night having a beer, smoking a joint & want to be able to just click the friggin back button. Yes I could click through the history but as I just stated I am a bit off my face(not right now It's morning here in NZ). This software shouldn't just be aimed at pro's who love 2 handed shortcuts, make it for the one armed guy/gal as well. We moved away from DOS years ago to point & click OOP so the less clicks the better for us simple folks. The real-estate in Designer is already adjustable with the editable toolbar just make it better. I use shortcuts all the time too but give me the simple things too, like 2 little reversed nike icons. Merry Christmas
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