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  1. Hi After an export to PSD some masks which have been added or reassigned where blank, others stayed intact. Attached an example (using Affinity Photo Steps to reproduce: 1. open attached file in Affinity Photo 2. (optional) check for the applied mask in the layers 3. export to PSD 4. Open the PSD file 5. Check for the mask -> its blank! Sidenote: the original file was a psd, which was imported and since then saved as .afphoto file. The issue occured to me only lately as I needed to send a PSD file to the customer. Thanks Bruce psd_export_mask_blank.afphoto
  2. Hey Tom I had a similar problem. I was using my PC for GPU rendering and didn't close the rendering app, after it was finished. Although the GPU was idling, Affinity Photo was struggling and had delays of several seconds. After a reboot of the PC the issue disappeared.
  3. Hi When Creating a new Document (File -> New) and setting a custom DPI (for ex. 100), this DPI gets ignored, when the "Document Units" gets changed. Steps to reproduce: 1. File -> New 2. Set Document Units to "Meter" 3. Set Width/Height to 1 4. Set DPI to 100 5. Set Document Units to "Pixel" 1 Meter is approx. 39.3 Inch, multiply with 100 (DPI) gets to 3930 Pixel, but the Height/Width gets changed to 2834 Pixel (Photo) -> this would be correct with 72 DPI (which is the default value) In Designer we get 11811 Pixel (300 DPI?) Thanks Bruce
  4. Hi Under "Document" -> "Resize Document..." (or Ctrl-Alt-I) there is a calculation bug. Changing DPI seems to loose the ratio between width and height. steps to reproduce: 1. "File" -> "New" 2. Set Page Width: 41mm 3. Set Page Height: 28mm 4. Set DPI: 600 5. Press OK 6. "Document" -> "Resize Document..." 7. Change DPI value (for ex. 72) 8. Change width value (for ex. 42mm) 9. Observe the height value. It has changed to a different value as expected. (in this example 3.4mm, I would have expected 28.7mm as 41/28 = 42/28.7 (approx)) btw: In Affinity Designer "Document setup" the same calculation happens. thanks Bruce