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    undercovergypsy reacted to Rongkongcoma in How to reduce colors in Photos to create C64 looking Photos?!   
    You dont read between the lines. 
    I did not wrote that it IS ridiculous that Affinity cannot do something that Gimp can. 
    I wrote it WOULD be ridiculous. 
    The meaning lies on WOULD ... Fanboy of Affinity. 😄
    In other words ... i am SURE Affinity Photo CAN do it too.
    But none of you guys know how to. 
    But then ... why you post something here on my question?
    To fill the forum so i cannot see the important answers?
    Wich are not here so far!
    Like it would spell in german ... den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen ... translated ... not be able to see the forest because of all the trees. 
    But that is a problem in EACH forum. 
    Teasing people because of their not so good foreign language spelling instead of telling the right help or say nothing if there is no clue.
    But I see where this leads to. 
    So i deactivated the replies. 
    I think i use Gimp and forget about help in forums. 
    Did not lead to anything instead of teasing or hate posts. 
  2. Haha
    undercovergypsy got a reaction from walt.farrell in Publisher table of contents does not update correctly   
    Oh, for the love - I just saw the file I uploaded earlier - what a moron I am. You have been very patient...
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    undercovergypsy got a reaction from walt.farrell in Publisher table of contents does not update correctly   
    Yep - that was it. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for me. I can't tell you how much it helped. I LOVE Affinity and how I can go from publisher to design to photo from one app. I wanted to avoid having to go back to something else. Have a great day!
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    undercovergypsy reacted to brebren in Copy Paste between two artboards   
    This is a feature I'm really missing. I'm just trying out Affinity for my work, mostly mobile app UI design, and this is something that makes me consider if I can really switch to Affinity or not, the lack of copy-paste in place between artboards slows down my work a lot. I hope it's considered as a feature to come soon.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to evtonic3 in Copy Paste between two artboards   
    Is there a way to copy contents with copy/paste, and in the same location? How about making a duplicate of an artboard?
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    undercovergypsy reacted to ,,, in Data merge many records into one document   
    Do the generating after setting up the layout with fields of the CSV.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to MikeW in Will Designer ever have tracing capabilities   
    AD doesn't need to wait for "the best tracing routine known to human kind" before it is added (my paraphrase of Serif's response). How good it is can be refined over time.
    If the exact same principles were applied to the core applications, they wouldn't have been released to this day.
    Personally, I would opt to roll in Potrace and build a really good UI for it.
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    undercovergypsy got a reaction from ashf in Will Designer ever have tracing capabilities   
    I have used adobe capture and you are right, asfh, it does a decent job. I have used Corel, Serif DP and Illustrator and I find the first two easier to use. I can't use Corel anymore because it was a work product and not available to me any more. I have re-installed DP just for the tracing but I thought it would just be nice to have it in one program. I don't understand why if it was in DP it is such a hard thing to add to AD?
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    undercovergypsy reacted to Chris B in Recent Font list   
    Hey HagensWatch,
    At the top of the font dropdown, there should be 'All, Recent, Used and Favourites' categories. This will eventually make its way to the release version in version 1.6
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    undercovergypsy reacted to HagensWatch in Recent Font list   
    Currently, in Affinity Designer you can't see a recent list of font choices used when editing text onscreen. You have to remember the fonts you selected in order to reapply the style. With a recent font list...you could just select among the recent choices you used in previous sessions and just select those rather than typing or scrolling through long lists of font choices. Just an idea.
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    undercovergypsy got a reaction from Thicketworks in Will Designer ever have tracing capabilities   
    I used serif draw for many years and really loved (and used on a regular basis) the tracing feature. In fact, it is the only reason I cant ditch Corel. I can do basic tracing online but would love to use nothing but Affinity for EVERYTHING. Is there any plan for adding that?
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    undercovergypsy reacted to Loquos in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Haha! I'm sure he'd give it for free... but it's hand-coded and was built specifically to my needs. You'd have to know the coding he used (don't ask me, I don't know!) and how to change it to suit your needs.
    However, maybe there's a niche market for this? For a small fee, specific code to meet your specific needs? :-) If you're dead serious, I'll ask him if he's interested in a side job.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to carl123 in Can't find text wrap   
    There is no Text Wrap in Designer that is only available in Affinity Publisher at the moment
    In Designer, you can simulate the effect (to some extent) by creating a shape that encompasses your image (with a knocked-out part for your image) then converting that shape to Curve Text by using the command
    Layer > Convert to Text Frame
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    undercovergypsy reacted to PaulEC in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Is does seem a pity that, with so many people asking for this feature, Serif won't at least commit to providing it at some time in the future! 
    I really like Affinity Publisher but without Data Merge, (and a few other things,) I have no choice in continuing to use PagePlus for the foreseeable future. I would really prefer not to have to juggle between the two applications, especially as there's no easy way to transfer documents from one to the other.
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    undercovergypsy got a reaction from fde101 in How to find overflow text in a story...   
    Thank you Walt for the kind answer.  I am obviously in the wrong place for this question. It is not a bug and I am aware of the red dot.  I have used other software in the past that showed all the errors and located them for you. I had hoped that would be so in AFPub as well. I will go to the feature request for that. 
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    undercovergypsy got a reaction from fde101 in Calendar   
    I would like to request that a calendar be included in Publisher for both PC and MAC.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to MEB in When importing a pdf the fonts are wonky...   
    When you open a PDF (using File ▸ Open, not Place) Affinity should display a PDF Options dialog where you can select replacement/substitution fonts. To manage substitutions in an opened document use the Font Manager (menu Document ▸ Font Manager...) - the fonts listed there are the ones installed on your system and available for all apps. If you don't have a particular font you have to install it on your computer for it to become available to all apps.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to vonBusing in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Because PagePlus has never been available for Mac.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to spidermurph in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Another here for data merge. We use it all the time in PagePlus.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to five31 in [Implemented] Data merge   
    +1 for this. This was the first thing I looked for when I opened Publisher.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to lights95 in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Yes Data Merge for filling up templates would be great. Our organisation has an REST-API which can e.g. deliver image urls and various other strings in JSON. Publisher would be great to automate process this data into beautiful templates which then can get printed. :)
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    undercovergypsy reacted to Sponka in [Implemented] Data merge   
    Hello, one more vote for "data merge" tool like in InDesign. I use this function mostly for designing business cards and small catalogs, labels for boxes etc ... Everything, that have same desing and elements, that change always on same places and can be read frome some kind of database.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to gsk in AP for Windows - Saving workspace   
    I'd also like to see this feature added.
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    undercovergypsy reacted to Phil_rose in AP for Windows - Saving workspace   
    I would like to add my voice to this too. I want to save my workspaces!
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    undercovergypsy reacted to Alfred in AP for Windows - Saving workspace   
    Serif's own PhotoPlus also allows the user to save multiple workspaces. It's a huge time saver if you are working on different types of project, or if you have to reset the program to its installation defaults for any reason.
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