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  1. Good morning. I'm wondering if you could please, please add file support for ULead's PhotoImpact .ufo files. It would be great to import files and later save them as .afphoto. Is that something you can add? Happy to help beta test the feature or provide files to make it happen. Thanks!
  2. Using the clone tool, regardless of the brush, I'm getting these funky lines in the attached image. How do I make these stop?
  3. Hi MEB. I paid for the full version. When I open Affinity Photo for Windows a message appears that says a new version is available with the options 'OK' or 'Download'. When I click download it takes me to a page that gives me the option to download version 1.5.1. I was able to download it today. But now you have given me a moment to pause before installing it. Is this a valid upgrade?
  4. I have tried four times to download the new release 1.5 for windows. Each time it has failed. Is anyone else having an issue or is just me?

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