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  1. German Printer

    Placing PDFs causes lines

    But this is printed, it depends on the print resolution.
  2. German Printer

    Placing PDFs causes lines

    If I reduce the PDF transparency, see Settings.
  3. German Printer

    Placing PDFs causes lines

    I also have this problem. PDF files must be placed for a layout program 1: 1. Embedded fonts are also disregarded. Not good with delivered advertising. Original PDF file placed several times in PagePlus, Indesign, Photoshop, X-Press ... without mistakes Placed in affinity publisher. Boxes are also in the output of Affinity Publisher as a PDF in the PDF file.
  4. Hello, if postscript fonts are included in the file, these crashes occur.
  5. German Printer

    find replace font

    For a future replacement of working fonts, it is important that the type is displayed as PS Type 1. Since so far no PDF output with this font is possible.
  6. I'm preparing some of my clients to switch from PagePlus to Affinity Publisher. It would be very helpful here to display the software in German even if not all terms have been translated yet.
  7. German Printer

    Stock Tab

    Another problem is that not all content is displayed. Example Pixabay term Easter. On the homepage much more content is displayed. In the Stock window only the first 114 photos are displayed.
  8. German Printer

    Crash by export to PDF

    Hello Chris, you have put me on the right track. The Affinity programs crash if Type 1 fonts are included. Unfortunately, this also occurs with delivered PDF files. I could help myself with this file. But other users will also have this problem. Enclosed I send you the typeface used as ttf. So you can test it.
  9. German Printer

    Crash by export to PDF

    Enclosed the fonts
  10. German Printer

    Crash by export to PDF

    We have many files in different programs with this font. PC and Mac.
  11. German Printer

    Serif PagePlus X9

    Hello, One way is to open the print PDF file. I have already done so with many files.
  12. German Printer

    PDF Import –> PDF from customers with embedded font

    Hallo Chris, Here is a file that crashes during export Crash Report Lesezeichen.afpub Lesezeichen_KG_Kronach_2019_test.afpub
  13. German Printer

    PDF Import –> PDF from customers with embedded font

    Here is the ad placed in PagePlus X9 and the exported PDF file. Everything OK. Colors and fonts. Anzeige.ppp ExportPagePlusX9.pdf
  14. German Printer

    PDF Import –> PDF from customers with embedded font

    Here in everyday example. This ad placed in the attachment contains a customer's note which may not be replaced. Here is also a grayscale image placed, this we have unfortunately converted to CMYK. Also the colors red magenta 100% and yellow 100% were replaced by magenta 100% and yellow 96%. For layout tasks it is absolutely necessary to integrate PDF files correctly. U4_Anzeige_Sparkasse.pdf
  15. Unfortunately, I found that greyscale images were converted to CMYK. The coloring is limited. In Page Plus this is possible without any problems. Also placed PDF files containing grayscale images are converted. See also the data here. Grau.afpub U4_Anzeige_Sparkasse.pdf Grau.pdf

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