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    Affinity... Video?

    I use Toon Boom Premium for animation. However I found that Affinity `designer is great for composing Backgrounds. So although they may be playing the part of an "extra in any animated movie I aim to produce, they are an important feature, as they add atmosphere. So a big thank you to Seriff for a great piece of software.
  2. I have been an artist all my life. Although this has hardly ever been my employed status, I won a scholarship to the Swindon School of Art when I was in Secondary School, and although I never did attend due to family commitments, nevertheless Art has been and shall remain an important part of my life. To cut a long story short, I have in my later years advanced my skills, as a hobbyist into animation, design and photography. I purchased Affinity Photo, which I found to be great for getting the best out of images, and compares well with the more expensive brand names out there. So to say that I wasn't surprised that Affinity Designer was also a good investment would be an understatement. I originally bought it for designing backgrounds for my animation; for which I use Toon Boom Premium. However it has yielded so much more than I initially imagined for the price. It is a Premium Package at an affordable price. I therefore want to award it 10/10 and say a big thank you to Serif for such a fine piece of software. I also bought the accompanying book which was also a sound investment.