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  1. Hi to forum members, Perhaps my idea has been posted before. It is just that an idea from my experience as a bumbling computer amateur aged 72 with dreams of making things easier for my rapidly decaying grey cells. Is there any way that Affinity could develop up ' ULTRA POWER TOOL TIPS ' That could be purchased as ' ADD ONS ' to the Affinity family. I have problems with two areas at the moment. 1/ Fine hair, not just on pretty ladies but on miniature dogs as per the image added below. Nelly was photographed against a grey background and then placed on a grass background. You can clearly see my problem in the very fine silky hair around her face. 2/ The production of realistic shadows after cutting out an object. There is a youtube video which helps on this topic but as my patience and ability to remember a series of operations is depreciating as my age increases, surely some algorithm can be developed as an expanding shadow tool tip. Seriously I would pay a reasonable figure for such ' Ultra Power Tool Tips '. Anybody out their on the forum with similar depreciating mental capacity........... When I went to school there was not even a pocket calculator to use, never mind a computer keyboard. Thanks for reading the above. John Edwin Skelton in exiles in Slovakia.
  2. Yorkie Bar Kid

    Asset mangement for affinity photo

    Thanks Lee for your explanation. At least it is not a problem with my dementia situation creeping up on me........... I am going to try and think of how to organise my workflow a bit better (If I can) You can see that I am starting to use a new signature if you look at my orchid picture below.............. I have to hunt for this signature every time I want to place it on a affinity photo image. How do a flag up this point to the development team or can you send my request to them please. Seriously I would 'PAY' for such specialist tools to be added in to the main programme as a tool box package. Best regards Edwin John in BB Slovak Republic.
  3. Hi can any forum members help or direct me to a video tutorial to enable the clock tower (only the clock tower) to be straightened. The rest of the picture is reasonably correct. The Banska Bystrica Clock Tower does lean to the left like the tower in Pisa, but it is not a curved lean ! Please see the attached image. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi to forum members, Thanks for the useful replies. At least this bumbling (almost 70 years old) computer amateur had not actually missed something. I was beginning to feel that I was heading for a serious case of ' Dementia by lack of grey cells ' was becoming a reality with me. I will use my old version of Serif PLUS X8 for scanning in pictures for the moment. Later I will try out the alternatives as per forum members suggestions. Back to learning curve of trying to become competent with Affinity. Thanks again for all the help. John Edwin Skelton in exile in the Slovak Republic.
  5. Hi to Forum members, I realise that I am obviously missing something, but I have tried to find how to import an image from my scanner into affinity photo. Can anyone direct me to the place which I am being 'BLIND' to. Thanks in advance John Edwin Skelton in exile in Slovakia.
  6. OK, Thanks for the great, rapid, helpful forum response. Now the trick is to get my grey cells to start absorbing this technique. Regards John Edwin Skelton.
  7. Hi to Forum Members, Can anyone direct me to a tutorial which can show the steps in working along the edge of dogs or cats that have been photographed on a park grassland (including brown leaf litter). I want to cut the dog or cat out of the grass, then blur the grass and trees etc and paste a sharp copy of the dog or cat back onto this blurred background I am sure that this is reasonably straightforward when demonstrated. Watching the video tutorials on VIMEO in the past has been very very helpful to me. I am using Affinity Photo. Windows 10 and HP Laptop. Thanks in advance. John Edwin Skelton in exile in Banska Bystrica Slovak Republic.
  8. Hit to Forum users, I have solved some of the problematics in bending flat labels. I watched a video on YouTube which was designed for another famous programme which I won't mention here. This gave me clues as to how nodes can be manipulated in the Mesh Warp tool. I have not made a perfect job. But good enough for my clients current web site picture. There were some issues which I am still not sure about and saving the manipulated image in Affinity Photo as a GIF or JPEG caused Affinity to crash and not save the image. I persevered and eventually succeeded in saving a manipulated bent image. Perhaps Affinity could produce an educational video on this warping subject.. I am sure this would be well recieved. John Edwin Skelton in Exile in the Slovak Republic.
  9. Hello Affinity Forum, Can I bring up a suggestion for a 'CURVE' tool please. Affinity has got a tool which can straighten an image. Would it be possible to develop a ' Curve Tool ' that can be applied to a flat label image and progressively change the flatness to a curved shape that can be applied to a bottle or can shape on a previously photographed image. I have tried to use the supplied Warp Mesh tool. Not with much success because I can't understand the principle of the nodes. It has been possible for me to adjust the image label perspective so that it can be applied to a flat top of a jar successfully. A jar image is below which needs a wrap around logo image. Hope that I have explained myself properly. Affinity Photo is clearly an amazing programme so far. I have a lot of learning to do but even after only using it for one day I realise that my gray cells (at almost 70 years old) will be exercised for many weeks, but the results will be worth it. Regards John Skelton in Exile in the Slovak Republic logo-gold-lid-1.afphoto
  10. Yorkie Bar Kid

    Magic Wand ????

    Hi to moderator, Thanks for your prompt reply. I have watched the video. It was fairly helpful. BUT in my version of Affinity photo there seems to be a step missing from your instructions. I appear to have to make a DUPLICATE of the image or perhaps unlock the opened image. I chose to make a duplicate image and switch off the original background image. Then the tools started to work. I still have not found out how to to do the refinements like EXPAND the number of pixels ot SMOOTH the pixels around the image selection. I will persevere in my learning curve. Time will improve my skills (at least I hope so). The next challenge is to find how to curve flat images of a product label to be able to wrap them around an image of a curved object. Regards, John Skelton in Exile in the Slovak Repblic.
  11. Yorkie Bar Kid

    Magic Wand ????

    Hi to Affinity Forum users. Just downloaded and installed Affinity Photo. I can see it has enormous potential already. RAW files can be developed from my Fuji HS 50 EXR camera now. BUT I am stumped. One tool which amateurs like me need and use a lot is the MAGIC WAND. Can any forum members direct me to a VIDEO TUTTORIAL or a series of steps to get the equivalent of the MAGIC WAND system in operation on the latest version of Affinity Photo. I realise that I am a complete amateur in photo processing but the MAGIC WAND was a life and time saver for me. Thanks in advance. John Skelton in Exile in the Slovak Republic.