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  1. Does "Preparations to our macOS apps to ready them for the release of Big Sur later in the year" include the ARM code?
  2. Indeed, and one cannot say that Paint Shop Pro and Quark Express are hugely relevant in today's market. Like many others, I do not have a separate file format for working and one for storing and have no plan to change that. It does not make sense, because I often go back to edits I made some times ago, occasionally I revisit old works and having to start all over would be a waste. Insisting on making the afphoto a non-changeable default in Affinity Photo makes it totally impractical for opening a raw file and saving a file that any DAM can use. Period. And that means continued irrelevance for Affinity Photo because almost no pro will even consider it and most amateurs will give it a try, like I did, and only use it for a while until they realize the qualities of the program are not enough to justify the added inconvenience.
  3. Sorry to be blunt, but you are being delusional. Or incredibly pretentious. Or both. That strategy is never going to fly, ever! Do you seriously think that in order to be able to use Affinity Photo effectively, we are supposed to want to use your DAM? To like it? To change all our habits? Our workflow? Do you plan to support all the file formats supported collectively by all the DAMs we currently use? Do you seriously expect us to keep our pictures in a file format only known to a tiny company who might not be there in 5 years, who strongly commits to not document the format and makes claims it is very difficult to document and understand? At the very least, you should offer a choice of default format between your own, tif and psd, and all 3 should support the same level of editability. The ease of saving should be the same whatever the default format the user chooses. I bought your product because I decided to make a $40 bet on something that looks very promising. Your attitude in this thread appears to make it a losing bet.
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