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    derwok got a reaction from Heinrich in [AD] Display bug: Completey Black canvas after Mac suspend resume with external monitor   
    * Affinity Designer 1.5.4, MacBook Pro Mid 2014, Graphics Card: Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
    I used my MacBookPro with an external monitor (Mini Display Port connected). Then send Mac to sleep, and woke it up on HDMI connected Beamer for a demo.
    Unfortunately, about the half of my loaded documents had a black canvas. The "Navigator" showed the right drawing. Only the canvas is black. A can even "Command+A" select all objects, what gives them a blue outline. But still the canvas is black.
    Zoom pan did not help. Only thing that helped was closing and reopening all the black images.
    Fun fact: some loaded images had no problem at all and survived the suspend/resume and monitor change without problems.
    As I said: about half the loaded images went black...
    See attachment! PAy attention to the navigator on the bottom right.
    Thanks for taking care.
    You rock!
    Wolfram from Erlangen, Germany.

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