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  1. Help with a silly problem would be much appreciated. I am working on a longish document with many images and text in two columns. On one page the text (end of paragraph) in the first column stops one line short of the bottom of the page. I have tried to move the text down one line without success - it moves down but two line go across to the start of the second column with still nothing in the bottom line of the first column no matter what I try. Very frustrating because I know there must be a simple solution!
  2. Thank you!! Problem sorted and I have learnt something. Have had this problem quite often with Word and then only managed to sort it when I converted the document to pdf and edited it in Adobe Acrobat so you have been a great help!!
  3. Hi Thomaso, by zooming in 200% I can now see the special characters and yes it is a corner arrow...in other words because of something I did Publisher thinks it is not the end of a paragraph but I am not sure how to correct it! Can you give me any advice? Many thanks.
  4. Thank you very much for your response. I have tried your suggestion but I cannot get the words on the 2 lines in question to budge!! Have done 11+ pages of a book I am working on and it is just the last lines of two paragraphs that are doing this for some reason. The last lines of all the other (many) paragraphs are justified left. Hopefully I will find a solution eventually! Thank you once again.
  5. Thank you for your response. Have just checked ( highlighted ) the two paragraphs that are affected by this and they are both justified left. Very puzzling/annoying!
  6. In Affinity Publisher is it possible to change the spacing of selected words? I have pasted in text from MS Word and left justified but the spacing of the last line of some paragraphs is wrong ie stretching from left to right.
  7. Your video tutorials are very good and helpful, ditto a forum such as this but they are very time wasteful when one is trying to find answers to a specific question. Is it possible to convert images from RGB to CMYK and if yes, is there a way of choosing the required CMYK profile?