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    305: Crash in txt

    Test.jpg is my actual book started with a version before and now 305. The coloum with styles is not to move downwards more then the screen. test2 is new pub in 305 No hurry, I don´t need it, lars
  2. larsh

    305: Crash in txt

  3. larsh

    305: Crash in txt

    I made a new "aTEXT" in another afpub. It´s the same. EDIT: Made two new afpub with given settings, using "Körper" dircet; crash. One more first made aTEXT, see above, then using Körper: crash
  4. EDIT: I found "aTEXT" not in table paragraph but in Textstile. That is enough for me. Hi, what is my mistake, please. Creating a new paragraph style (as: "Text") it not to find in the list what is ending below the screen. It seems to be possible to move down with the arrow key, but it is not to see my "Text" (or "aText" to show it above...). The Hyphenation does not work to this time? Thx., lars If I change the distance between paragraphs (end) in my new aTEXT the italic written goes to italic bold
  5. Hi, that´s funny. I was interested if a part of a book can moved and then the pics allone used as before in the pic folder. To use Edit in Photo and one pic marked in Afpub let me see one double page in Photo. To export this brings all (!) double pages as single files (.jpg) without the end: .jpg, but to add it makes an correct jpg. What I would like to do seems not possible (is not importend). But linked or included pics are no difference in the moment, one can move the .afpub to another mac, pc and use it there (or for a test one can delete all pics and get it back later). It´s easy to mark all pics in document/ ressources and change to included. Thx, lars
  6. Hi, is it possible to save an .afpub in an other folder and then get the pics out in the new one? So only the used pics could be separated. They are now all linked (some were not?). Why the pics in the Document/ Ressources are signed with Adobe98.icc and CMYK too? Thx. lars deleted
  7. May be some fonts are included. I sent a book to print first with Times New Roman, the printers automat (Blurb) says: no or wrong fonds. Then I used TIMES, that runs, who knows if more would run? Reg. lars
  8. May be this helps to start... start.afpub
  9. Hi, I don´t understand your problem. Afpub is most self explaining. Create first one Master pages, later some more, you will find the way. Click to make frames, one for pictures, one for text. Write something and see what type... I think you know that all. The PDF is done by export (may be there is a problem with 72 dpi, change bilinear to lanczos 3 in MORE). And then you see some real problems by working and find aswers here... lars
  10. larsh

    White field

    Please look to the pics and the white field there; it stays until Q.
  11. larsh

    White field

    Now I indentified one field. It is like post February 6. It was stable for a while: with active Afpub, with hide... But suddenly by active Afpub came up in it: Werkzeug für elliptische Bilderrahmen, as to see above it belongs to. And then it went on normally. I like them! lars
  12. May be the special problem is that: Afpub Beta is activ but hide. Finder sends a folder to backup. In it are the .afpub and to the time this file is copied to backup Afpub Beta is awaked again and seen behind Finder. In the Beta is a frame written: a strange app reads this app. After finished backup Finder is hide by cmd-h. Only Beta is seen. And cmd-h doens´t work. But again: it is not importend for me. Best, lars
  13. Hi, may be it is only after sending folders/files to my USB Scandisk 1 TB. Most or sometimes it works. But I have the problem just now. I tried to make Afpub activ, changed the shown pages in Afpub - it is not to hide with cmd-h. But again, it is a very small bug, may be no bug but less. May be it is my system as with the white fields... In this moment after moving Safari, on which I write to you, a little away to click to Afpub to test it again, before sending, now hide works. Regards, lars
  14. larsh

    Saving and Exporting Files

    EDIT: what dpi is used? In a mac with one pic every page it takes a second. Have a look to the MORE in the export-frame below. May be the field bilinear should be changed to lanczos 3 (I had this problem some time before) or look to the other parameters PDF... or tell more about your system.
  15. larsh


    Google this .exe file, it´s a known problem...
  16. larsh

    Pano problem

    Hi, it is the same in .118, best, lars
  17. May be picking the corner helps.
  18. larsh

    Affinity Publisher

    Hi, click to one page and to: layout setting (or so, above left). There you can change one or all layout pages in the same relations x to y (or another r.). lars
  19. Seems you should show pics.
  20. Hi, I tried some pages german text including hyphenation. Looks good. lars
  21. Hi, working with pics have a look to this (it is made by MEB/ staff, starts in some seconds):
  22. Hi, Arial 12 r is the preset, I believe. You can change it while the session without save it. In the frame: ToC (besides: browser images) is shown: style to ToC is named as ... That should set in text style, I think. lars
  23. Hi, WORKS NOW 1. seems that the changing of the bookformat does not work now, only the same proportions are possible. WORKS NOT 2. The table counts as before the page with a title minus 1. CHANGE PAGES IN BROWSER WORKS NOW
  24. larsh

    bugs v270 now: .283

    EDIT 2: Really, I made a .afpub with correct ToC. Thanks, and sorry for the confusion. Best regards, lars EDIT: I started to move the pics from the file with the mistake to the new test.af.pub, it works not so bad.../ finished. Thank you so much, OB. Your test.afpub works fine. The reason to start with the first option is that only then I have correct page numbers on my pages. If I follow your way in my other book, which I work in the moment, there two problems (see attachment): 1. most it is not open the field with the page: 1 in the table Section Mangaer (may be it is not necessary, in your post it is grey too; in the moment it works, whatfore ever). 2. please look to the attachment. The TOC is ok, the page numbers in the browser (!) too: 2,3/ 4,5... But in the viewer now a) page no. 4 is gone and b) on left pages are the odd numbers 5, 7... But that may be for the first some 100 pages are not Master pages. And I see no way to change that in one way (then it´s better to change later the TOC numbers). And there seems no way to move the 100 pics to the test.afpub easy. So if you see a way out of the trouble I would like to go it. Otherwise I take your file the next book. Best regards, lars

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