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  1. Hi, is there a black point in AP? To mark a point in an image which will become black then. I only saw the white point. thx lars
  2. Hi, may be I didn´t understand, for my English is small, but my expierence Aperture - AP is clear. Aperture makes a copy which is send to AP, after finish there AP asks: with layer (or gives the way where to save outside). With the: Save with layers it comes back to Aperture. May be for my OSX is 10.9.5 Marverick to AP 1.5.1. regards lars
  3. OK, I found it now. Left in the tools there is a squere for selection or another image for free form to select. I did not see that in last one there is a sign that is to change to sqere... IT IS VERY SMALL, CAN YOU MAKE IT RED OR YELLOW PLEASE. With the squere it runs as usual. >selection >copy; change to other image >put in; than you can with the arrow-tool work wirh it. lars
  4. Here are screenshots: After in Image 2 the new part of i1 it is possible with > protokoll go back to i2 (ap-2.tiff) ap-1.tiff ap-2.tiff ap-3.tiff ap-2.tiff
  5. After a restart of AP it changes. Now I can select a part of image A and then going to image B. Then with >put in B is deleted and a part of A is shown. BUT it is not the part I selected but some more. Mystery lars
  6. It is the same in my work. With C making a part of the image, than copy or cut, or I get only this part as the image. But put into not works, not in an other image not in a new file. So I put this post up again. lars
  7. Hi, try: Weissabgleich, the pipette to the white you want. Forget the tool: Farbe/ color, its for analytics only. But why it became not white? I don´t know. Tell more about it, if allways white comes in this way. regards lars
  8. No, not the white point tool. In Aperture (AP works good together with it) there are white, gray and black points picking them with the pipette and then this point becomes the choosen color and the rest of the image changes. I know to do it otherwise, but sometimes, working in files without black for there was not enough light for instance, it is a good and quick help. May be we see it later. Regards, Fixx. lars
  9. Hi, is it possible to see the changing values 0-256 while moving the mouse? I know the field color where it can bee get one value by clicking: pipette, that´s not what is needed. thx lars
  10. Perfect, in German it is: >Studio > Info too. Thanks. lars
  11. Thanks Lee, I did it with the settings, but first it doesn´ work, so I did it by hand (document) and asked. But later after restarting it was ok. regards lars
  12. Hi, taking a *.RAW/ RAF(uji) after the command: develop the *.icc is sRGB... Though in the settings is written RGB...(1998). In other Programms I see RGB... And Aperture gives out RGB... Why it is changed and how to set as result: RGB...(1998)? Thanks and regards lars
  13. No, it is not correct. But AP must be restarted to take the setting: make a RAW to RGB...(1998).
  14. Hi, you can give an adress to load it down, or mail it (www.larshennings.de), so I can give it to AP. But it seems to be clear. regards lars
  15. Hi, I tried: MacBook Air, OSX 10.9.5, AP 1.5.1, and from Aperture was made a *.tiff 16 bit, in AP it is called RGBA/16, sRGB... No problems to show it. regards lars
  16. Thanks, it is to complex to my english, and may be to the simple way I work photos out. The selectiv color correction must do it; it is not a so much other way... regards lars
  17. And the last one today. All the German explanations don´t help... To use the pipette (left) the color is shown in: color (right) – is that a place only to show what color it is choosed? There is no way to change this color in the image (as it is possible in Aperture)? Thanks lars
  18. Let me try another way. There is a portrait in my AfPhoto. The skin has some parts in deeper RED than usual (may be a special light or a special skin). In Aperture it is possible to take this red with the pipette and then to find this special red in a field of sliders (?) to change the red in the face to less red. So not the deep red as in RGB will change but the softer one in the skin. The first part works in AfPhoto: Pipette, color field right side where the histogram is. There are color-sliders too – but moving them there happens nothing, even if I open the level (not locked background). How to do that in AfPhoto? regards lars
  19. Ja, after you won´t use English any longer, delete English at this place, so German is primarly (!) again. I just tried, but I do not know more about. Only to change to German I did not find a way. lars
  20. Change the language in: Systemeinstellungen above under the black aple. > Sprache und Region > add (> +) English > choose E. That´s it. regards lars
  21. Ja, I found the history/ Protokoll field, that works, fine. The snapshot works too. Thanks
  22. Hi, hope it´ correct to take a new post. Is there a button: back to original, or is the way apple-z only? regards lars
  23. DUAL plane mode shows a mesh like a box, right? But I don´t see more possiblilities. And in ONE plane mode there is the shift-pull mode what not works in DUAL... If I understood. BUT it is not so importend. The situation I spook about: a house in front showing the camera to heaven... Thanks! lars