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  1. Hi, by saving each layer as psd it was possible to bring together five in AP and three (not so difficult) shows only the mistake table. I made them new in AP. That´s it for me, but if you find the mistake that was fine. lars
  2. Thanks a lot. AD says the same than AP but shows nothing. And there are some to show the pic, but not the layer that I could finissh it (I had to make it smaller to export it from the Sphone). lars
  3. No, as a zip it´s only 30 MB. May be one can and like to open it? (HOW TO MAKE A BREAK HERE?) Oh I see: doppel break – no, Javascript on? http://larshennings.de/lk3.zip That would be fine. regards lars
  4. Ja, thanks, it´s the same problem but an other signatur. And my file is 145 MB. lars
  5. HI, my images (jpg or RAW) say: manual exposure, but not: manual focus, as Aperture does. lars
  6. Hi, have a look here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35093-raw-support/?hl=canon regards lars
  7. Hi, may be I didn´t understand, but if, you only write your signature in black in a JPG, loed it to AP, mark the white, change to mark the lines, make a new image with transparent background, load the signature on it, take every photography, copy the sign on it. Then you can move it on the photography, and in the checkbox ? move a little, give a new color, so every signatur is different. lars
  8. What ever, I don´t understand all of this English, James. Think the following. A photographer, a "user" only, works something around – may be text or graphic – in a JPG which he takes from Aperture or direct from his camera: 4,864 x 3264 px. Then he thinks it should be better to take the RAF using as the photography (I very seldom use the RAW) and to copy what he worked out to it. The difference in 100% on my little screen makes 11 mm in the X; and changing the 4,952 x 3288 px of your RAW down to 4,896 the y = 3,250.8; the x:y changed too. But I would not understand what is going on... get panic and look for another programm. It is not only powershot, my camera is a Fuji. So let me the Apple engine in the future please. Best regards lars
  9. Hi, my Fuji RAF has 4,896 x 3,264 px. Using the Affinity RAW engine it becomes 4,952 x 3,288; with the Apple engine it is no change, BUT on the screen last one looks bigger a bit. regards lars
  10. A little out of topic: It would be god, to have a counter for left and right moving of the meshes in perspective and layer perspective, where can be said, how much pixel/ cm ... one wish to move. To use the "info" it´s difficult to find the exact moving distance (and, shure, for architecture the dobble-moving is needed, as we spook about). regards lars
  11. Hi, is it adjustment what Anpassung is called in English? As Curves, Contrast etc. Is it possible to change this, showing the line 1. 2. 3. I like, may be only some of it? Thanks lars
  12. Hi MEB, I only need a few of them and would like to move them up on the top of columne or hide some (but not delete). Thanks lars
  13. Hi, you find the camera profiles here (first page of the forum): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27869-supported-raw-cameras-15x/ My camera X-E1 and the XF 18 - 55 mm and XF 55 - 200 mm work well in RAF and JPG as I see now; I only use a few tools, may be you need more. best regards lars
  14. Ja, that´s ok. My way, and I only use AP for photographies if Aperture gives not enough: first looking to the auto-functions and then try more by hand if necessary. lars
  15. Hi, the new ...4056... works with both engines well. lars EDIT: the apple engine ist a little bit brighter, may be a little sharper and it shows a little bit more of the image.
  16. AlainPs image is the same I get with affinty raw engine. lars EDIT: opening the file in mac preview I first see the whole image, but than only a square up left, the rest grows black; that´s what I saw first using aff. mac-raw engine. Finder gives it exact, anotzer programm I used too. lars
  17. Hi, it runs with the second loading, the first only gave a part of the image, with the apple raw engine (>Assistent - first row - then assistent down left) With the serif-engine there is an image but not usefull. regard lars
  18. larsh


    Hi, do you have aktivated the scanner? That´s the first. Then may be you see in >file >read image or something like that (Bild einlesen). There you find the scanner... It will work as the scanner can do I think. regards lars
  19. Hi, the printer must tell you what his system needs. regards lars
  20. Hi, I don´t know if AP can, my camera does not count the shutter, but there is a programm "exiftool" https://sourceforge.net/projects/exiftool/ . It runs in OSX terminal, if you use win there is exiftool GUI. regards lars
  21. Oh, it´s a category, right mouse works too, fine. Thanks, MEB. lars
  22. Hi, for the shown thread is old I asked it here. Does it work in AP? Ronnys brush/ Pinsel is loaded in AP without giving a chance to say where to store. And I can´t find it now. If it is done with another brush as simple/ einfach, which I exported before it is found as einfach2 in the brushes menue. What is to do? And how to delete a brush as einfach2 again? Thanks lars
  23. Try in the "assistent" (the little white sign first row) if there is another RAW Engine for WIN: In AP-mac there is "core image RAW" that works fine. On my mac I have two programms reading your *.raf; and the mac "Finder" (pc-browser) shows it correct but it can´t be changed therein to another format, and the mac shows it in "preview" where it is to change to other formats. The RAW-File-Converter-Ex from Fuji can´t read it: no support for this camera is said. So AP should find a way... lars
  24. Hi Simon, what is the meaning of: not your file? If I load what I get from your threed (I did it for using Fuji too) to AP it is as a very very wide lens. And I can see that the lens correction makes it better. So there seems to be the problem. Taking another RAW-Coverter it comes out the next attachment; is that yours? So the AP-maker should explain. regards lars

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