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  1. Hi, thanks a lot, the way @toltec shows is ok for me to find a first change before fine tuning. Gruss lars
  2. Hi, nice to see you again. I tried a RAW from Fuji = RAF to unsharp mask. I tried sometimes, nothing. Then once there happened I don´t know what, than there only was in protokoll unsharp mask, all before was gone. But some trys more nothing happened, not in the menue, not with the layer. What is my mistake? Thanks lars
  3. Hi Ian, that´s it, the background layer must be selected. I never looked at that, or thought it is allways done. Thanks lars
  4. Hi Dan, seems to be another problem. And it comes up working with JPG or RAF moved from screen to the AP field. What I spook about happens after ! using the curves. Without curves it works both unsharp mask with filter or live-filter-layer. regards lars
  5. Thanks. I know that, they even speak Chinese here, and – wonder – my 60 vear old English (I like to speak it, and that all can understand my problems to lear about; hi world). The problem was not my English but AP. It does not wirk with unsharp mask if the image is moved from desk to the AP field. Some orders works, as curves. But not with RAF, JPG, yesterday, in this morning, If the image is got with OPEN it is ok, as the fine book shows, p. 150, live-filter or only filter. best lars
  6. Hi, bought AD - it is a very fine workbook - and now the mouse/ pen of huion doesn´t work, sometimes it is ok, then suddenly away. By moustrack it´s ok. The same in AP what works some time ago fine. Is it only my problem? I changed the driver today. Thanks lars
  7. Hi, the new pen doesn´t help. Looks like it is the driver. The staff of Huion hope to make a new one... In this time I got a small Wacom CTL-471, same small price, works fine, including preasure (after I found the TWO settings to activate it). Regards lars
  8. Thanks Lee, first it makes the mistakes then the new driver was loaded without change. May be the pen makes the problem, a new point helps for moment... After there is a new pen we will see, I wil tell about. Best regards lars
  9. So, now there are four pillars in the round (light gray)... rest next days. Thanks to you all to bring me working. lars
  10. Hi, is it possible to construct 3D modells with AD? Regards lars
  11. Hard to leave my project, here. OK, I loaded blender again. So give me three questions/ answers, please (the videos are not so helpfull in the moment, for I only need some cubes, and my traffic is small). I will look for a manual later. With the quad (that´s I looked for) there is built one pillar, not correct for I failed setting the measures. Is there a way to set not the center of a cube but a ground level? It is not so importend, I can start new. Is it possible to bring my ground plan in this zero level? EDIT: I SAW SOME MANUALS, AND I FOUND (on the screen, not in the manuals) TO ACTIVATE THE CUBES [old question: theLast: the pillar is made with three cubes, the first two grow together, only the third can moved now. How can I move again each of them?] Thanks! lars
  12. You are so helpfull, fine! I tried now may be ten programms, mac and android, but I did not find a simple way – but a malware. All are deleted and this project is stopped now. It only should be a thing beside, fun, but makes me nervous... I am too old may be. There was a ground plan in the perspective of sketchup – as a wall, nice. Or it was in layout with rectangles on a pillar – but no 3D in sight. In blender the ground plan was included somewhere – found no 3D. I could tell some stories more. There was only one I could start with: redstick/ android; making a wall/ block, some windows/ doors left and right and there was a T-pillar in the ground and 3D – but some lines to much and it was not to copy or to change to smaller; this programm is to make a plan from a finish house and not finshed (has only one level). So, belief me I tried to follow you. Looking to AD too, but there is no test programm as I had it month ago. Thanks again, the best for you! lars
  13. Stopp, stopp! Thanks so much, but in the moment I only asked for a later time. And I understand now AD + 4G (a little). Some of the programms you speak about I tried before without success, for to this time only one could help which I understand without a manual (as I don´t needed one for the first steps in AP). In the first view after opening there must be a ground plan, not a perspective field. Simon, thanks again. But there is no plan with meters etc. I only constructed one 1:50 as a sketch of the small ground plan out of a book of the archaelogist. In the real modell is used only one pillar which is changed to several in same relations, in a computer modell I will only move them to the ground plan, adding some walls. So may be I will ask you later. Regards lars
  14. Thanks a lot Simon. 20 years ago I wrote the first course book about 3D Studio and Autocad, Visualisierung in der Architektur. But after that I needed never 3D. Now looking for a very simple programm. I saw Blender, Scetchup and some more. Too complicated. I need - as in old 3DStudio - four screens, in one I should lay a ground plan jpg, so that I can set simple blocks on it and give in a second screen the high, then there is a layer on a next level needed to set other blocks on the first like a T. That´s all, it is a stoneage temple... But all I tried show first the perspective, like Wings where I understand nothing, in Blender I saw the ground with my plan but found not the way to do more... You see I don´t like manuals (and you see my english). In Android tablet there is a little programm but cannot give me a second level. So AD was the idea to try a last way for I know the quality, using AP. So I only need one pilar as a T to change it to several forms bigger and smaller in the same relations and some walls, that is all. But it is a joke beside the sociologists analysis (I made a real modell as I show in the attachment). So I stopp it now. Best regards! lars It is the Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, nearly 12,000 years old.
  15. Thanks, Simon. I do not understand this about 4D... But what I reed before it is like this. That is why I asked. What I want to know is if I can construkt a sketch with a 3D modell of a small house (one of stoneage with a few "blocks" only), that I can move on the screen and see a perspective and so on as I made it with 3DStudio many years before. lars
  16. Hi, using chanels and reserve chanel (? Reservekanal) it is not possible for me to load/ activate them. There is only a delete sign. In Help is said something with ^(Ctrl), what is the meaning of that? Thanks lars
  17. Hi, no, not about colors again... About calibration! There is a little tool to calibrate monitors of Android, Mac (and windows I believe). I was astonished to see no change in tablet and smartphone after used it. But then I saw it on my mac what was the reference till now for me – I calibrated it some times with the intern tool. The screen became a little more red, to see in white (and reading and scrolling makes the black letters red while moving). But after a moment it is not seen in grey for me (RGB 124). And now the sky blue is on both Android and Mac (incl. AP) nearly the same. There are no prints to this time but I think it will work. Regards lars
  18. Hi, please have a look to the two attachements. 1. from tablet with sRGB...2.1 as PNG, the colors are ok! 2. as PSD/ sRGB...2.1; you see – I hope – the problem. Is here someone understandig that? EDIT: The mac/ View shows the PSD as the PNG. Thanks lars hock-png.tiff hock-psd.tiff
  19. EDIT: but in 32 bit RGB there is "my" brown! Wonder over wonder. Thanks, A_B_C, but I don´t change the RGB. And in the pics above it makes no big difference. But it is good to know for more tries... Regards lars
  20. Ja, but while painting on the tablet it is good to see as I do it on paper. But it is ok to get green, as in AP, if the color is opacity, and brown in AF. One must know... On paper there are two ways too: mixing colors or paint the second over a first dry paint. So I know now to look to AP if printing and if necessary to change the color therein or on the tablet. Regards lars
  21. Hi Lee, after a sunny walk along the channel, thinking a little bit more to color theory, that blue and yellow makes green (and orange is not so far), it is clear for me, was some tests finished. Even if the mac can reproduce the brown. AP colors are ok. If blue is RGB: 2, 61, 81 and orange: 255, 124, 0 and one make a line orange on blue in orange 10% opacity, 25, 50, 75, 100% one see it. If the orange becomes brown the colors are not mixed, it is not the summ of the values blue and orange out of two layers. The programm indeed knows what the underlying layers color is? Great. Thanks lars
  22. As I showed in the first post I see a PNG coming from tablet in brown on the left side, in Viewer and Finder. That is the color I see the PNG and the original in Artflow at the tablet. And this brown is shown in AFlow importing its own PSD. If exporting this PSD which looks not brown but green (blue + orange) from AP to mac and then copy it to the tablet and import it again to AF – the green looks brown again as before! So I think the problem is that what A_B_C says one layer works not correct together with the other in AP, where blue + orange makes the known green. If you change the layer value (Blend) from NORMAL you see some other colors – but not brown. The same in AF – but not green... So tablet, mac Viewer and mac Finder see brown in PNG and PSD and AP and PS green. Gimp 2.8.20 on my mac sees green in PSD and brown in the PNG as AP does. So I can´t do something. Maybe it makes sense to talk with the ArtFlow maker, he knows about the issue. Hope you will find out... Thanks lars
  23. Hi Lee, here is the original PNG from the tablet. Please have a look to the brown color left side, which comes from deep blue plus a few orange, it is the same on the mac in View and Finder – only not in AP. Best lars
  24. Hi, is there no answer to the mistake? lars