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  1. I agree with Frank. If it possible to make press pdf from Designer so there can be some "pre output" control mechanism. Basic functions like control DPI and colors of images, TIC (total ink coverage), separations preview, flattener preview, etc. Something like preflight panel in indesign. :ph34r:
  2. Hi. I would like to request almost the same... I do newsletters too. All graphics I do in indesign and then I make print pdf and rasterize it in photoshop. There I use rulers and slice tool to make slices. Next step is add links to slices. And final step is export to web – html and images (It makes simple html table). So my request is to make slices function to ability add the links and export to html (simple table). And use it with "export preview" what is in your to-do list already. Or... another Idea: Newsletter persona, where you can modify (add links, target, etc.) slices better then in Export persona. Plus better export to html – not only images but with simple texts too. For example I would like to make unsuscribe part with texts which I want to see like text in html. I would like to "mark" specific texts what I want to see in html before export. Maybe make new part of text tool – html text, or make html part of document like special layer – there will be texts in html or some kind of html template (possibility to set align, background color, unsuscribe links, etc). I have more ideas and I can you help with it if you want. Dont worry, newsletters are simple html (because of compatibility) so Its not too complicated. Maybe, one day you can have full Newsletter persona for making complete newsletter – from graphic to html and final inline function. :-)
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