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  1. I'm a big fan of both Designer and Photo. I too would like to be able to scan directly from this software, specifically from 'Photo'. The 'poor 64-bit scan driver support' sounds like a weak excuse to me, although I'm no programmer. If others can do it, why can't Affinity?
  2. Nuts... but not unexpected. Thanks and I will still likely join the community soon.
  3. I'm unclear as to how effective Designer might be as a web publishing tool. I've been using Muse and I like it (other than it's from you-know-who). I see that Designer can do responsive layouts and I assume create links and such. However, can it publish multiple pages directly to a site? Can it organize assets and upload everything so that it just works? Or does that need to be done manually? What I've seen so far in demo videos makes me think it's a one-off page designer and not really a publisher. Can anyone confirm? I may buy it anyway to replace Illustrator, but I'd like to know if I'll still want to keep Muse in my toolkit.