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  1. I am finding that a number of the videos, after a short while into the tutorial, the voice commentary is way ahead of that being demonstrated on screen. I timed the last one that I watched and it took nearly another 2 minutes for the video to complete after the voice commentary had stopped. I was completely lost. I am using AP 1.5 on purchased copy on Win 7 64 bit PC. A number of videos are ok but I have not listed which. Regards John
  2. Hi Chris B Thanks for prompt reply re update. I am used to clicking "help" in programs or aps and finding "Check for update" and your system does not have one so was wondering if I had to go walk about to find one when it was available. Will sit on hands now and wait - especially as at the moment I am clicking help a lot B). Videos are good though!
  3. Just adding to the list. I installed AP on Win 7 64 bit yesterday. Program crashed on second opening of help but my addition is that it today it crashes all the time if any attempt is made to open help. I trust an update will be automatic. Regards to all
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