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  1. Hi all, I'm evaluating Designer as a replacement fo Coreldraw and I have a couple of question. The first is pretty basic: since I have a calibrated color profile for my monitor, should I set it as color profile as RGB color profile or is better to keep the default sRGB? The second is about colors. In Coreldraw I have an automatic conversion between RGB, CYMK and palette like Pantone (the latter works as "best effort", obiously cannot be precise). I can't find something equivalent in Designer ... Is there anything like that? Thanks!
  2. Hi Callum, thanks for your reply. You're right: now the wb scale in the develop persona is in °K ... yesterday I tried several times and always saw the scale in %, I can't tell you what I did wrong. Thanks again, regards, Marco
  3. Hi all, I'm using Affinity Photo for a few days. It's outstanding for editing and retouching, but I've some problems with the raw developing where the biggest is the white balance: is there a way to have the scale in Kelvin? Thanks!
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