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  1. Thanks. By the way, how is the speed of resolving such issues? ​I purchased AP recently (due to missing trial version for windows), but seems that it is difficult to use it for Fujifilm RAW images (several other issues are reported on forum). ​This is why I consider returning it and probably re-purchasing again when/if the issues will be solved.
  2. kwieto

    Fuji raw files issues

    I have same problem with histogram, here you have comparision how it look like in AP i PS Elements. ​Surprisingly, I don't see much difference on the pictures themselves Edit: If I go to develop assistant and change the RAW type to 32 bit (as it is reported in EXIF data), then image itself becomes visibly darker.
  3. OK, but this problem affects not only S5Pro, but the quite new X-E2S as well (in fact, the screenshot in my post above shows data from the X-E2S). I checked how it looks like in the "metadata" section in Lightroom, and there dimensions are correct ones. Any ideas where the problem is?
  4. Thanks! ​And what about the difference in pixel dimensions reported on the image (section on top of image) and in the EXIF tab on the right side? ​This is inconsistient even for files from X-E2S, which seem to be opened properly (see screenshot below)
  5. Here you have link to the folder with some sample RAW and JPG files. each of them opens much longer than in PS Elements - like 2,5-3 times slower for RAF and 3 times slower for JPG's https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ar4LB95NF8r0j9s970sMAiyON_Y6Tg
  6. OK, I also did some comparision and seems that opening RAF files is c.a. 2,5-3 times slower than with Photoshop Elements.
  7. You can upload these photos to OneDrive/Dropbox/etc. public folder and share pictures or this folder
  8. Hello, Sure, here is the link to sample images - RAF , JPG (coming from camera) as well as the picture developed in Affinity Photo and Photoshop Elements for comparision https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ar4LB95NF8r0j9s30KPvAOsP-6-Pvw Look how big is the area cutted-out and take closer look to the distortion - Horizon line looks just like a saddle
  9. I have problem with opening RAF file from Fujifilm S5Pro. ​When the picture is opened in "developing persona" part of the picture is cut-out and the picture itself is distorted (seems to be something like pillow distorsion and/or skewing). On the top of the picture I see the picture data with dimensions 3030x2036 px (correct one), while if I see into EXIF tab on the right it is 1440x960 px. I tried to open RAF from newer camera (X-E2S) and it seems that in this case picture is OK, although I still see difference between dimensions reported above the image (4934x3296 px) and in EXIF tab (1920x1280)
  10. I've just tried RAW (Fujifilm RAF) files and I am also getting extremely slow opening time, i.e. compared to Photoshop Elements. Like 15 seconds for RAF coming from Fujifilm X-E2S and - surprisingly - 30 seconds or more for RAF coming from Finepix S5Pro (which is smaller in size, should load faster (?) ​Edit - I've checked again, 15 sec is for JPG file from X-E2S. For RAF it is almost a minute (!!)