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  1. Hi, When I scale a vector shape or a group of layers, I can't see fluidly how the object increases or decreases, I only can see the new size when I left the handlers. This issue only appears working with Wacom Intuos 4, if I use the mouse there's no problem! I'm using Designer 1.5.2 (beta 3) + Yosemite 10.10.5.
  2. I think this app needs to be able to navigate directly between folders, otherwise it can't replace Adobe Bridge
  3. I join the request! ;) I'm motion designer, and I'm pretty tired of seeing that After Effects hasn't been improved almost nothing in the 16 years I've been working with him. I'm quite sure that this view is widespread... especially in senior designers.
  4. Hi footof, It's exactly the same problem !
  5. Hi, When you select multiple layers in the layer manager, to move them up or down, these layers don't appear visually selected, it seems as you're not going to move the layers, but when released they've really changed his position... it's a pretty uncomfortable bug. I have this problem working with Wacom Intuos 4, in 2 different computers, an iMac running Mavericks and another one with Yosemite.
  6. At least, the files exported by Affinity Designer to PSD are fully compatible with After Effects, I have tested this on different projects. It would be very interesting to see on the horizon a dedicated application to motion graphics design; I get excited thinking about an After Effects style software by Affinity, it would be amazing.
  7. Hi, If you want to do more graphic icons, I think that these new icons have too many lines, detail and are too abstract ... sorry, even a little ugly. I think it should be the opposite, simple and recognizable forms. And I would also seek more intense colors, a more attractive palette.
  8. Hi! I'm a senior graphic designer and co-founder in a design studio in Barcelona. We are impressed by the quality, performance and potential of Affinity Designer and Photo. Keep it up, congratulations to the entire Affinity team!!
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