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  1. Thanks Meb. It was checking "Enable Save over imported PSD files" that was my missing step. However, after reading the warnings, perhaps I will stick with editing tiff files, after all.
  2. I should add that I am using Affinity 1.5.1 in an older (2010) Mac Pro running OS 10.10.5 Yosemite. Cameras: Canon 5d II and Sony Nex 6.
  3. Thanks Lars, So far, I am just making simple changes in Affinity, such as lens correction, cropping and saturation, without adding layers. Affinity edits the PSD document just fine, but using "save" does not save it directly back in Aperture.
  4. Hi Meb, I think that I have it working now. But "save" only seems to send back the edited file to Aperture when I first export a tiff file to Affinity rather than psd. If I send a psd file to affinity, edit the file, and then click "save" it does not send the file back to Aperture, even if I choose tiff in the Affinity export persona. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. It does not seem to work that way. When I click on Save in Affinity, the dialog Save As: comes up where I give the image a title, and then the dialog Where: . If I choose, say, Applications, it puts the file in the Applications folder, not back in Aperture. I see no option where I can scroll down through the list of choices to find Aperture. See attached thumbnail image.
  6. That last sentence should read: Neither does Affinity have the choice "Save Flattened".
  7. Hi Meb, I still use Aperture to store images. I am able to get Affinity to edit an Aperture image using the method that you describe, but when I try to save it back in Aperture using "File-Save", I do not get the dialog "the image contains non-pixel elements", and Affinity wants me to choose a location to save the image, but with no easy path back to Aperture. Neither does not say "Save Flattened".