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    Digiteyez reacted to Fly-Boy in High Pass Filter Not Working as Expected iPad   
    I don’t know if this is a problem, or I don’t understand how the High Pass Filter works.  Before updating to version 1.7, I would use the High Pass Filter to sharpen my images.  (Select High Pass filter, enter pixel size, select Monochromatic, select Live Update.  Then go to the Layers menu, Layer Options, select the blend mode, usually set to Linear Light.  Since I have updated to version 1.7, the Live Update option is missing, and selecting layer options doesn’t change the high pass filter to sharpen the image.  So am I just not using the High Pass Filter correctly or, is there a problem?
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    Digiteyez got a reaction from NobleValerian in Please add customisable workspace   
    I am very annoyed that I have to reset -organise my workspace on 2 monitors so frequently, pull your socks up designers/developers :( and create a "save workspace" feature!  It is not that complicated and it saves a lot of time especially when you charge by the hour, in the next update I expect this function to be available. So please make me :) Thank you in advance, it is so strange - you offer some really advanced features but forgot to apply some basics....
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    Digiteyez got a reaction from r.v. in camera profiles / colorchecker   
    YES I MISS THIS FEATURE! Please develop support for colorchecker and camera profiles
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    Digiteyez got a reaction from r.v. in camera profiles / colorchecker   
    YES I MISS THIS FEATURE! Please develop support for colorchecker and camera profiles
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    Digiteyez reacted to Russell in .dcp camera profile. I would appreciate this capability   
    This would make a huge difference.  RawTherapee uses .dcp profiles as well.  X-rite’s ColorChecker software (free download) gives more linear results than Adobe’s .dng profile editor, which tries to “improve” it a little (darker skies etc.)
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    Digiteyez reacted to webb in Camera and other input profiles   
    It would be good if camera profiles such as those created with ColorChecker Passport could be included in the Develop workflow.
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    Digiteyez reacted to r.v. in camera profiles / colorchecker   
    I've found many other treats for this topic, but no recent answer.
    Many would love to see support for camera profiles in the develop persona. The best working examples are in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom with the X-rite Colorchecker plugin and in Davinci Resolve (which natively supports the color targets).
    Is there anything in development? If yes, when can such a feature be expected?
    Starting out editing with correct exposure and calibrated colors takes photography to the next level.
    Other users, please support this topic if you agree to get more attention.
    Many thanks!
    ps: this missing feature is the only reason that I did not completely abandoned Lightroom. (which I would really love to do)
    ps2: there might be cameras with built in camera profiles as well, like the fuji x100t.

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