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    With more people using the Android platform then use the IOS, would be possible to develop an update for Android please.
  2. Dave 007

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    thanks for that good idea.
  3. Dave 007

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    thanks for the info guys.
  4. Dave 007

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    Hi I have been using AP since its launch and love the program, when I resize my pictures I prefer to use inches rather than the default pixal. Can anyone advise me if it is possible to change the default and if so how. I have tried unsuccessfully to look at the help pages. thanks for your help. Dave
  5. Can anyone help, I am having problems when resize my pictures. everything appears to happen correctly in photo, I always resize by inches followed by dpi, all seems fine. I then export to jpg, but when I go back to send a file or print it goes back to its original size, What am I doing wrong please. thanks Dave
  6. Hi I have been reading an article regarding processing an image in Raw and changing the canvas colour to white ( which is possible in Photo Shop). By doing this the article says it helps to get a better sense of the exposure . My question is, is this possible in AP? Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to to use the frequency separation tool, it requires that I use the freehand selection tool to create a feathered mask. However when I select the free hand tool it will allow me to draw a mask, but instead of marching ants I get a solid outline and as soon as I release my finger having completed drawing the mask it vanishes. Can anyone through some light on this please. Thanks Dave
  8. Dave 007


    Thanks for that, that sorted it. I guess this will be rectified in the next update hopefully.
  9. Can any one help me with cropping in Raw, it will allow me one crop. I can get around it in the photo persona but just wondered what I am doing wrong. thanks Dave
  10. Hi sorry for delay in replying, I am using windows 10 latest edition, The edition of AP was taken from the latest download that I was prompted to load last week. I have been using AP again to day and had the same crash report saying "unable to find, or invalid report", any help would be much appreciated. thanks
  11. Hi , Thanks for coming back to me. I have just checked and it just says Affinity Photo Hopefully that means more to you then me. regards Dave
  12. Good morning Yesterday I downloaded the latest upgrade AP but since doing it I keep on getting an error message saying: "error code could not be found or error code is invalid" followed by program closing. It seems to be random when it happens , ie. not after any set process , any advice please would be most helpful. Thanks Dave
  13. Dave 007


    Really cant see, I was pressing the alt key but I think I was taking my finger off the shift key first.
  14. Dave 007


    Thank you so much, I can now clone - Brilliant. Thank you for your help. Dave